Mobility online application / Instructions Mobility online application / Instructions

1. ONLINE APPLICATION – Application period January 15 - February 15, 2020

Once you have sent the online application and done registration to Mobility-Online, you will see the tasks to be completed and your application status in Application Workflow view.

Online application is checked by LUT when all the required attachments are uploaded to Mobility-Online. When the application and the attachments are correct, application is marked as formally checked by LUT Student Services.


Check that quality of the documents is good and you have uploaded the document in the correct place.

  • Passport size photo
    • Upload a passport (facial) photo in the Mobility-Online; photo will be printed in your application form.
    • Optimal size is approx. 250 x 300 pixels (max 500).
    • Unofficial facial photo will do.
    • After upload check that quality of the photo is good and it meets size requirements (if the photo exceeds size limit, it won't print in the application form).
  • Unofficial transcript of records in English
    • Obtain it from WebOodi and upload it to Mobility Online
  •  Language certificate
    • English language certificate is needed for the following host universities already in Mobility online application phase: SKEMA Business School / France, Eindhoven University of Technology / The Netherlands, University of Liechtenstein, GSOM / Russia
    • Accordingly German, French or Spanish language certificates are needed when applying to those countries and studying only in those languages.
    • Many host universities have minimum language level requirements (A2 – B2)
    • For LUT English language certificate (Language Centre) please contact
    • International Master's degree students upload their TOEFL or IELTS certificate
    • Applicants for USA, New Zealand and Canada need an official English language certificate, TOEFL or IELTS
    • Those who don't need the language certificate at this stage can upload a blank document
  • Learning Agreement
    • The form is created in Mobility-Online during the application process.
    • You'll find courses on our websites of the host universities, N.B. the Learning agreement is preliminary at this stage, and it is subject to change when you start the studies at the host university. Updating can then be done in Mobility-Online.
    • Sign the Learning Agreement and get the approval (signatures) as follows:
  • In the application stage you do not need the approval signature. Only after you have been allocated to an exhange university in March, and only for that particular university. Then have the learning agreement (along with you Personal Study Plan HOPS) signed by your own Study Counsellor:
  • Business Administration: Kirsti Tiainen (Bachelor students) and Kaija Huotari (Master students)
  • Industrial Engineering and Management: Sini Sarvilahti (Bachelor students and GMIT) and Pauliina Talka (Master students)
  • Computer Science: Sini Sarvilahti (Bachelor students) and Pauliina Talka (Master students)
  • Energy Technology: Marjaana Lehtinen
  • Electrical Engineering: Marjaana Lehtinen
  • Environmental Engineering: Marjaana Lehtinen
  • Chemical and Process Engineering: Mari Trinidad
  • Mechanical Engineering: Johanna Kosunen
  • Computional Engineering: Johanna Kosunen


  1. You will receive an e-mail from Mobility-online when your online application is checked and marked as complete by LUT Student Services, and you'll see it also in Application Workflow view.
  2. Check that the data in the application form is correct, especially "Semesters being present including the current one". Please, check also that you have added your bank account number in section "Complete Personal Data".
  3. You don't need to print anything at this stage - the internal application process is done online.

Good luck with your application !