The 21-day Sustainability Challenge, 1 ECTS

Would you like to learn more about sustainable lifestyle or sustainability in general?

LUT is piloting a new 21-day Challenge course as a part of Erasmus EFFORT project (Effectiveness of Responsibility Teaching). The aim of the course is to provide insights and awareness on the various sustainability-related topics derived from the 17 goals of the UN Agenda for 2030 Sustainable Development.

This innovative approach consists of 17 thematic videos, one for each of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and related challenges accomplishing which you can develop sustainable habits, learn more about everyday sustainability and just have fun!

Right now, we are looking for 20 students who would want to experiment this course with us for 21 days in November starting on 1.11. Only requirements for students are a positive attitude and possibility for active participation.

General information and enrollment instructions
Teaching period and date:
2, 1.11-21.11-2021
Language: English
ECTS credits: 1 (Elective studies)
Teaching methods: Online.Independent completion of challenges and quizzes. Forum discussions with other students on Moodle. No grading.
Enrollment: By emailing junior researcher Ville Pöntinen ville.pontinen@lut.fi.  The first 20 enrolled students will be accepted to the course.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please contact junior researcher Ville Pöntinen.