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    Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM) Master's Programme in Supply Management (MSM)

    The Master's programme in Supply Management is designed for future specialists and managers of supplier relationships, networks and strategic buying. The programme gives students frameworks, tools and models how to effectively manage costs and risks of supply market, evaluate and select suppliers, develop supply strategies and integration of supply chain.

    Graduates can find specialist and management positions in both the public and private sector, as well as in global and local companies in the fields of supply management, international business, logistics, supply chain management and consulting. Examples of such positions include global sourcing director, supply manager, category manager and strategic buyer.

    The core studies of the programme focus on strategic and operative supply management, purchasing, collaboration and relationships between suppliers and buyers, management of supply chains, networks and external resources. The program builds on previous studies at the undergraduate level of business management and international business. The curriculum of the programme is built on three cornerstones in the field: 1) strategic supply management, 2) supplier and network management, and 3) supply chain management.

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