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    Master's Programme in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability (MSIS) Master's Programme in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability (MSIS)

    The international Master's Programme in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability gives students the required theoretical and practical competences for managing organizations and networks in dynamic and global business environments. In particular, the MSIS programme corresponds to the increasing international demand for strategic and innovation management professionals, who understand how sustainability issues create both challenges and opportunities for value creation. Students are offered a broad variety of assignments done both in groups and individually that help them to achieve the necessary analytical and managerial skills required from strategy and innovation professionals in today's job markets.

    Based on a foundation of general management and business administration, the programme develops advanced competences in the intersections of strategy, innovation and sustainability. It pays special attention to understanding of modern business environments where creating economic value needs to be simultaneously aligned with creating long-term value to the entire society in a responsible manner.

    After completing the programme, students will be able to:

    • discuss and assess theories and models related to strategy, innovation and sustainable value creation
    • analyze managerial problems and make strategic decisions related to innovations in the context of international business and sustainable value creation
    • demonstrate analytical business skills
    • utilize intercultural and teamwork competences
    • conduct an independent scientific research project, report and present it professionally
    • show a global, innovative, and sustainability-aware mindset


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