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    Master's Programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM) Master's Programme in International Marketing Management (MIMM)

    To remain competitive, companies need to excel in global marketing management.

    Global markets are characterised by high levels of uncertainty. In addition, the trend of digitalisation is creating both challenges and opportunities for the international management of firms. Thus, the value of data in managerial decision making is increasing. Data-based strategic decision making and marketing analytics represent the key competences of today's marketing managers.

    In this Master's programme, you will develop expertise in strategic global marketing, digital marketing, marketing analytics, international business and value creation in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum contents of this EPAS-accredited programme are carefully designed to carry strong career-building potential.

    During your studies, you will gain real-life competencies in case studies, simulation games, elevator pitches, company assignments and role-playing. You will develop a creative, customer-focused and data-driven approach to solving business problems.

    The curriculum of MIMM programme covers a wide spectrum of elements supporting the corporate learning experience. For example, courses incorporating field-based experiential learning typically promote company input and involvement, reflectivity, active engagement, the development of problem-solving, information-gathering and analytical skills, oral presentation and company feedback.

    About 80% of the Master's theses are based on real-life business problems. The MIMM programme also offers students a possibility for double degree studies.

    The demand for this specialized competence is strong, and the unique combination of know-how should ensure the employability of the student after graduation. International Marketing Management graduates have found professions in a broad range of firms and sectors: marketing, international business, product development, sales, logistics, international service business, consulting, and market research. The job titles include Marketing Manager, Export Manager, Area Manager, Subsidiary Manager, Project Manager in International Marketing, and Business Development Consultant, for example.

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