Väitösprosessi Väitösprosessi

Dissertation process

LUT Doctoral School regularly offers an info session on the dissertation process. The session includes information from the study affairs point of view and usually also a presentation on a changing topic.

Recommendation: 3rd or 4th year
Schedule: next time October 7 at 1 pm to 3 pm/Teams

Contact information: doctoral.studies@lut.fi

Tieteenfilosofia Tieteenfilosofia

Philosophy of Science

A210AJ202 Philosophy of Science for Business Studies 6 ECTS cr
Recommendation: 1st year
Schedule: yearly, periods 1-4

Only for doctoral students of

- Economics and Business Administration
- Industrial Engineering and Management

Also available via Open University as a literature exam; enrolment and further information: avoinyliopisto@lut.fi

Tutkimusetiikka Tutkimusetiikka

Research Ethics

Two alternative courses are offered at LUT:

991031 Research Ethics Course 1 ECTS cr (online course)

991030 Research Ethics Course 2 ECTS cr (including two workshops)

Recommendation: 1st or 2nd year
Contact person at LUT University: terhi.virkki-hatakka@lut.fi

Enrolment via Sisu Sisu by September 29 at the latest.


Good scientific practice (info sessions on changing themes)
Recommendation: 1st or 2nd year depending on the topic
Schedule: arranged when applicable
Contact information: terhi.virkki-hatakka@lut.fi

Research data management services, see LibGuides

Copyright issues, see LibGuides


Tiedonhaku ja julkaiseminen Tiedonhaku ja julkaiseminen

Information retrieval and publishing

LUT Academic Library services for new doctoral students and junior researchers, see LibGuides
Contact information: kirjasto@lut.fi

RefWorks - to collect, manage and organize research papers and documents, see LibGuides


991040 Open Science 1 ECTS cr
Recommendation: 1st or 2nd year
Schedule: online, usually once per academic year
Contact information: terhi.virkki-hatakka@lut.fi

Viestintäosaaminen Viestintäosaaminen

Communication skills

KE00BZ88 English Clinic for Researchers and Doctoral Students,  5 ECTS cr (mainly for technology students - see tuition in autumn 2021)

KS00BZ73 Asiantuntijatiedon popularisointi, 2 ECTS cr

See the study guide on LAB/Language Centre web pages (Finnish, English).

Urapalvelut Urapalvelut

Career Services

Some services offered at LUT are suitable also for doctoral students, read more in Finnish or in English.

Contact information: careerservices@lut.fi

Yrittäjyys Yrittäjyys


CS34AJ100 Entrepreneurship for Academics 6 ECTS cr
Recommendation: 3rd or 4th year
Schedule: yearly, spring term/period 4 (intensive): 24.-26.5.2022

Tutkijavaihto Tutkijavaihto

Research exchange

The HR-unit organises info sessions on research exchange possiblities for LUT employees.

Recommendation: 1st year (end) or 2nd year (beginning)
Schedule: once per academic year (January)
Contact information: anu.honkanen@lut.fi

Tutkimusrahoitus Tutkimusrahoitus

Research financing

CT70AJ110 Grant Writing: Individual Grants 3 ECTS cr
Schedule: yearly, period 4-summer

CT70AJ120 Grant Writing: Collaborative Grants 3 ECTS cr
Schedule: yearly, period 2

Recommendation: 3rd or 4th year

Henkilöstökoulutus Henkilöstökoulutus

LUT staff training

The university provides many opportunities for training and education, details are available on the LUTintranet.

University pedagogy training is available mainly in Finnish, see LUTintranet
Contact information: kristiina.karjalainen@lut.fi

Project manager training is virtual training through Moodle, see LUT intranet
Contact information: tutkimuspalvelut@lut.fi

Orientation events for new employees
New employees are invited by email (a calendar invitation) to events, see also  LUTintranet/Events
Schedule: monthly during academic terms