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What is the language of tuition in the double degree (dd) programmes?
Tuition is in English in all double degree studies.

Do the dd studies lengthen my study time?
Dd studies have a fixed structure and completing all the courses and finalising the thesis are in principally doable within the normal study time, ie. 2 years. However, stydying in SKEMA takes 2,5 years and also in the case of other partner universities studying might take a few months longer than normally.

How do dd studies affect the Master's thesis?
A student will do one Master's thesis in English and will have two supervisors, one from each university.

Can I participate in dd programme if I already had a study abroad period?
If you studied abroad during your bachelor studies, participation in a dd programme is possible. But if the mobility period took place during your master's studies, dd programme is not an option for you.

What is the difference between dd studies and non-degree exchange studies?
By doing dd studies you will get a degree from the foreign university on the top of the LUT degree. Dd studies kind of reward the study abroad period by the second degree. Dd studies are more goal-oriented and require commitment to complete the set of courses at the foreign university to graduate in time.

How do I finance my dd studies?
You can apply for the Erasmus scholarship at LUT for the double degree studies abroad within European Erasmus+ countries.

Do I need to pay tuition fees?
Some partner universities charge tuition fees due to their national legislation. Details available by each partner.

Can I do dd studies if I am both working and studying at the same time?
Dd studies require full-time studying at the partner university and living in the foreign country. Possibilities to combine working in Finland are extremely limited.