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    Business Analytics (MBAN) Business Analytics (MBAN)

    The Master's Programme in Business Analytics (MBAN) is a modern multi-disciplinary engineering programme that is designed to provide graduates with a wide variety of hands-on business analytics skills that are extremely sought-after in industry today.

    Students finishing the programme successfully will be in high demand and have access to interesting positions in business and industry.

    The programme focuses on transferring both theoretical knowledge and technical skills in relevant business analytics methods, including data analytics, modelling, simulation, and multiple-criteria decision-making methods, and practical know-how on the use of the methods on real-world data in a real-world business or industrial context. The software and tools applied during the course are standard in the industry.

    The programme merges studies in industrial management, corporate finance, software engineering, and applied mathematics in a unique way, providing a very powerful combination of knowledge. Many courses are organized in association with companies to ensure industry relevance and the use of realistic problems and fresh data.

    Head of MBAN Programme is Professor Pasi Luukka.

    After completing the degree, the graduate can

    • use business analytics methods and software in practice
    • apply data-analysis and machine learning methods in solving industrial and business problems
    • model industrial and business processes and perform simulation analyses to study and to enhance them
    • make logical conclusions and recommendations in strategic decision-making situations based on output from decision-support methods
    • interpret analysis results and present them visually
    • renew business architecture with components from digital analytics
    • plan and manage development and projects based on business-analytics
    • apply new scientific knowledge and methods to develop their competence further
    • evaluate and interpret analytics related projects and their compatibility in problem solving
    • spar working community related to analytics, based on analytical methods related knowledge.