Muutokset kauppatieteiden opetusohjelmaan/ Changes in the Curriculum of Business Administration 2020-21 Muutokset kauppatieteiden opetusohjelmaan/ Changes in the Curriculum of Business Administration 2020-21

Tällä sivulla ilmoitetaan muutoksista voimassaolevaan opinto-oppaaseen. Nämä muutokset on hyväksynyt joko koulutusohjelmasta vastaava henkilö tai akateeminen neuvosto.

This page contains the changes made to the current year's study guide. These changes are accepted by the head of the degree programme or the academic council meeting.


11.8.2020 A210A0210 Laskentatoimen tutkimus periodi korjattu 1-2 (oli 1).

12.8.2020 A330A0900 Managing International Marketing teacher changes; Ali Ahi replaces Amandeep Dhir.

19.8.2020 A380A0320 Applied Consumer Behavior teacher changes; Anisur Faroque replaces Amandeep Dhir.

20.8.2020 A330A0600 Digital Marketing Certificate teacher changes; Heini Vanninen replaces Joel Mero.

2.9.2020 New doctoral course: A350AJ500 Authentic Leadership  5 ECTS cr, 4. period.

17.9.2020 A365A2000 Osuuskunnat ja kestävä kehitys 2. periodin toteutus siirtyy periodiin 3. /Co-operatives and Sustainable Development 2. period implementation will be changed to 3. period.

16.10.2020 A365A0151 Yksilön tietoperustainen johtaminen opintojaksolle lisätty Ilona Toth opetttajaksi.

9.11.2020 A365A0800 Contemporary Issues in Knowledge Management siirtyy 4. periodilta periodille kesä, 1.6.-31.7.2021

11.11.2020 A210A0350 Real Options and Managerial Decision Making teacher changes: Mariia Kozlova replaces Mikael Collan.

11.11.2020 A330A0010 Contemporary Issues in International Marketing the live lectures continue from intensive week 9  to period 4, teaching changes: fully online.

11.11.2020 A330A0450 Responsible International Business  timing changes from intensive week 3  to period 3, teaching changes: fully online.

25.11.2020 New course: A310A2021 Supply Management Simulation: Fresh connection 3 cr, 4. period (INT). Only for MSM programme students.

16.12.2020 New course: A320A6100 Case Course on International Motorsports 3 cr, 4. period (INT).

22.1.2021 A380A6000 Cross-Cultural Encounters timing changes from period 3 to period 4

11.5.2021 A310A2021 Supply Management Simulation: Fresh Connection 3 cr is cancelled from this spring