Welcome Fair Welcome Fair

Welcome Fair is organized as a part of LUT University's and LAB University of Applied Sciences' orientation on the 3rd of September from 10 to 13. The online fair consists of different Teams and Zoom links from different organizations that are close to the student's life. you can travel through the links freely, ask questions and just in general, get to know the different organizations. We suggest you get to know the used application before the Welcome Fair begins. You can find the instructions to use the applications below.

Zoom instructions

Teams instructions



MOVEO and Motiivi - MOVEO's morning exercise class starts at 10.00 am. Come and Join! From 10.20 to 12.30, you can use this link to ask anything about MOVEO or Motiivi.


Lappeenranta city - Lappeenranta offers exciting experiences and attractive places to visit all year round. We´ve prepared a bucket list for you consisting of things you should experience during your time in Lappeenranta, this bucket list will hopefully give you a better idea of what goes on in our city and help you familiarize yourself with Lappeenranta. You are welcome to visit us in Welcome Fair and find out more about our lovely city! You can find a Lappeenranta Bucket List here!

LUT & LAB Career Services - Welcome to get to know LUT & LAB Career Services! Career Services help you from the beginning of your studies until you get a job 😊.

OP - Get to know the banking services provided by OP South Karelia.

LUT Academic Library

ESN Lappeenranta

Campus Chaplaincy

LUTES - LUTES is a student-driven entrepreneuership society which aims to develop entrepreneurial mindset among students and offer a place to meet like-minded people.

LUT International Services (Study Exchange) (Passcode: 667446) - For students of LUT University

LAB International Services (Study Exchange) (Passcode: 695807) - For students of LAB Univeristy of Applied Sciences

Language center (Passcode: 384335) - Language and communication skills are essential at work! Welcome to ask and hear more about language studies.

The Martha Organization - Good everyday basis belongs to everyone. The Martha Organization is a non-governmental organization, that provides household counselling and promotes wellbeing of homes and families and honoring household. We offer functional advices in housekeeping, personal finance, recycling and cooking. When everything is allright at home, it's easier to concentrate in studies and hobbies.

TEK (Passcode: 883829) - TEK is the largest organisation for academic engineers and architects in Finland. Through our work we help graduate professionals to reach their highest potential within their chosen field. We do this by providing legal advicesalary advice and career coaching to our members. We are an organisation that will accompany you throughout your career, from the beginning of your studies through all stages of developing your career.

Kaplaaki (Passcode: 768391) - Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management

Study psychologists (Passcode: 862553) - The study psychologists are participating in the fair from 11 to 12.

LTKY - LUT University Student Union