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    Tutoring Tutoring

    All incoming students are appointed a tutor, who is a fellow student here at LUT. The tutor takes care of a group of students, so no worries if you do not know anyone when arriving, you will soon get to know your tutor group members! The tutoring starts when you arrive in Lappeenranta. LUT Driver, who is a fellow student of LUT will meet you at your arrival and take you to your apartment, where your tutor will be waiting for you. The tutor will help you with practical matters in the beginning of your stay in Lappeenranta, as well as introduce you to the student life.

    You will be sent your tutor's and drivers contact information by e-mail approximately one to two weeks before your arrival. As driver will have the key to your LOAS apartment, it is very important that you keep your driver and tutor updated on any changes to your arrival plan so that your driver and tutor knows when to expect you to arrive. Your tutor and driver will meet you in Lappeenranta and only if you have confirmed your arrival and live at LOAS appartment. Please note that if you will not provide your arrival information within given deadlines, we are no able to assign for you a tutor and a driver to pick you up from the travel center. Please note that the deadline for providing the exact arrival time in Lappeenranta is July 19, 2020. Suggested arrival days by LUT are 20 - 24 of August, 2020.

    Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS)
    will deliver your keys to the driver if your tenancy agreements starts before or upon your arrival. If your tenancy agreement starts later, you are required to collect the keys at LOAS office.

    The tutor will help you get familiarize yourself with your new surroundings at LUT, tell you more about studying here and how our systems work. In addition they will introduce you to the LUT's student life and show you around in the town center. As the tutors are students themselves, they are not available for tutoring all the time. However, do not hesitate to contact your tutor in case you have any questions later during your stay. Tutors are happy to help you then, as well.

    Orientation Days Orientation Days

    Orientation days for exchange students are arranged twice a year. In late August/early September for exchange students staying for the whole academic year or for the autumn semester. And in early January for exchange students staying for the spring semester.

    Orientation programme provides students valuable information about studying at LUT and services offered on the campus. Be there and get a good start to your studies at LUT!

    Orientation days for the autumn semester 2020 will be organized in August 25-28, 2020. You must arrive in LUT early enough to participate in the orientation days. Suggested by LUT arrival days are from 20th to 24th of August, 2020.

    Other things to take care of Other things to take care of

    Student card

    Every student who is enrolled at LUT for more than 3 months must pay the LUT Student Union membership fee of EUR 65 per semester/EUR 125 per academic year. Once you have paid the fee, you have to order the card online. Ask your tutor to help you. The card costs EUR 15,10. The student card entitles you to numerous discounts, ranging from meals at campus cafeterias to travelling in Finland by bus and by train, to sports and movies. It also entitles students to use the Finnish Student Health Service (YTHS).

    Registering your residence

    If you are a citizen of a EU/EEA, Switzerland or the Nordic countries you must register your right of residence when your stay in Finland exceeds 3 months. Registration takes place at a service point of the Finnish Immigration Service. You need to book a time in advance for it so ask your tutor to help you if needed.

    If you are a citizen of  non-EU/EEA country you needed a residence permit to arrive in Finland, and therefore you do not need to visit the Immigration Service.

    Bank account

    If you come from a SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) country, it is not necessary for you  to open a bank account in Finland. Ask your bank for the IBAN/BIC/SWIFT code(s) and full contact details needed in international money transfer. Also check the costs and how long does it take to transfer money from your home country to Finland.

    However, if you wish to open a bank account in Finland, it is easy to arrange and free of charge. Students who have a Finnish bank account can use a Finnish ATM card to withdraw cash from ATMs and pay bills on the Internet (internet access codes are given only if study period exceeds 6 months). Most money transfers in Finland are made via the Internet and this is also the cheapest way of paying bills. Cheques are not used in ordinary banking.