Turnitin support academic writing Turnitin support academic writing

Turnitin is a program for checking the authenticity of text. The program compares student-written text with an extensive international database of articles, magazines, books, websites, and theses, and looks for similarities between student text and database sources. Turnitin gives feedback on student-written text and shows a percentage of similarity with source texts.

It is important to remember that similarity does not necessarily mean plagiarism! The percentage is always proportional to the length of the text, so for short text the percentage can be much higher than for long ones. The similarity report also takes into account quotations and the list of references, which adds to the similarity. There is no need to aim for a zero percentage, it may even be impossible to achieve. Don't be nervous about using the program! It is specifically designed to correct and support academic writing and expose intentional plagiarism.

If wish teachers can use Turnitin as part of the Moodle course platform. Students can return their own texts to Turnitin only if the teacher has add this activity in the course platform in Moodle.

Bachelor's and master's theses

Turnitin check is used in every bachelor's and master's theses in University. Turnitin usually is available on thesis courses of programmes.

Doctoral students

If there is a need for checking text related to doctoral thesis, it is possible in Moodle course Turnitin - originality check for doctoral students. You can self-enroll to this course. By using Turnitin assignment you can check your texts freely and these are not saved in to the database. In case of technical problems, please contact Opetushelp (opetushelp(at)lut.fi)

The final checking of the manuscript before the dissertation process has to be performed using Turnitin. Your supervisor can be added in the Moodle course for validating your work.

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Why Turnitin? Why Turnitin?

  • It helps you to write academicly right text in your own words.
  • Turnitin gives feedback for you.
  • Using feedback you can direct your to correct the text in a timely manner. 
  • Using feedback detect plagitarism and
  • The feedback also detects plagiarism and reviewing all theses is ensure equal treatment of students.