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Most students arrive via Helsinki, the capital of Finland or by a direct flight to Lappeenranta. For students arriving from Russia the means of arrival in Lappeenranta is often a bus or a car. Below you will find information on how to travel from Helsinki to Lappeenranta and links to the timetables.


Arrival in Helsinki:

Helsinki Airport is the biggest airport in Finland, where most international flights land. It is located in the city of Vantaa, about 20 kilometres north of Helsinki and 220 kilometres west of Lappeenranta. If your flight arrives at Helsinki Airport late in the evening/night, you are advised to book a hotel or hostel near the airport and travel to Lappeenranta the next day. All trains and buses arrive at the Lappeenranta Travel Centre ("Matkakeskus" in Finnish).

Note! When estimating your arrival time in Lappeenranta, reserve enough time for baggage claim and transportation from the airport to the railway station.

To Lappeenranta by train:

The quickest way to travel from Helsinki Airport to Lappeenranta is by train – the trip takes about 2 hours.Tikkurila railway station in the city of Vantaa is closest one to the airport. There is a bus connection from the airport to Tikkurila railway station (bus number 61); the trip takes about 20-30 minutes. Buses depart every 10 to 30 minutes.

If you arrive by train from Russia, the closest station to Lappeenranta is Vainikkala. There is a bus connection from Vainikkala train station to Lappeenranta Travel Centre.

Train tickets can be purchased online or from the railway station; see the ticket office's opening hours. If you buy a ticket on the train, a service fee is charged. Please note that it is not possible to get a student discount for your journey to Lappeenranta.

To Lappeenranta by bus:

The bus trip from Helsinki Airport to Lappeenranta takes about 4 hours and involves changing buses once or twice. Tickets can be bought online, at the bus station, or in the bus (some bank cards might not be accepted in the bus).

To Lappeenranta by car:

Take the direction toward Porvoo from Helsinki, then to Kouvola and finally to Lappeenranta. You can also drive via Lahti, but this is a bit longer route. About 8 km before Lappeenranta, go right off of Exit 51 in the direction of Yliopisto (university) and follow the signs leading you to the university campus area. The distance between Helsinki and Lappeenranta is 225 km.

See the websites of Liikenneturva for traffic regulations and safety info.

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