Timetable for Applying for Extension to the Study Right Timetable for Applying for Extension to the Study Right

If your study right will expire on 31 July 2020 you need to apply for an extension according to the following timetable:

Please return your application to your degree programme's study counsellor, by Friday April 17, 2020 at the latest.

The decisions will be made by the responsible person of the student's degree programme and the shared principles regarding the handling of applications for an extended study right are applied in all LUT degree programmes. An extended study right may be granted if the student has a realistic possibility to complete his or her studies within a reasonable time-frame. The amount of studies completed, earlier extensions granted and the progress of the studies during earlier extension periods are a factor in whether or not an extended study right can be granted. Please find the instructions and an application form here.

The decisions will be sent to the students by e-mail on 22 May 2020 at the latest.                                                                                                                         

If you have been registered as an absent student because of military service or family leave, immediately send copies of your certificates to the Student Affairs Office. Please find more information here.

If your study right has already expired, you will have to also address an application for reinstatement of your study right to the rector. The application for extended right to study and the written, free-form application to the rector are submitted to the to the study counsellor of your degree programme.

2.3.2020 / MTr