Things to Remember Before Going Things to Remember Before Going


You can apply for the LUT Travel Grant in case of going for a traineeship outside of Finland but not into your home country in the summer between your first and the second study year.

Note! Do not purchase any flights etc. before your possible residence permit is granted to you. The grant cannot be paid if the traineeship is cancelled due to the country of destination not granting the student a residence permit for the traineeship.

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In case of working overseas for a foreign employer you will not be able to use a Finnish tax card.  Instead, you should contact the local tax office, taking your passport with you, and either your student's ID card or a certificate in English or the local language that confirms your academic status as a student in Finland.  Your withholding tax rate will probably be lower if you show the local tax authorities proof of your student status. 

You are also recommend to make active inquiries about your tax obligations in the country of destination, including whether or not you need to complete an income tax return form and send it to a tax office or not.

  • Tax service for International tax situations, tel.  020 697 024
    • Individuals, students, workers, professional employees
    • Questions regarding income from sources outside Finland
    • Relocations from Finland to another country

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Paid traineeships
When the traineeship is a paid one, you are insured at work by your employer both for accidents and for property. However, there might be slight differences depending on the country of destination and the employer, so it would be best to check these things from the employer before the traineeship. In case you would not be insured by your employer, then you need to take care of the insurance by yourself.

Unpaid traineeships
When the traineeship is an unpaid one, you are not insured by your employer during the traineeship.

If insurances are not provided by the employer, you can ask for them from your own insurance company or through this page.

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Travel Insurance

You should also have an insurance for any possible accidents or illnesses happening in your leisure time. LUT is cooperating with Marsh insurance company, which offers the students a special SIP insurance. 

Be sure to first check the coverage of your existing insurance as well.

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Employment & Social Affairs

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Copies for Passport

Remember to take several copies of your passport with you and scan a copy to your e-mail as well.

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Remember to take care of any possible vaccinations needed in the country of destination. The basic vaccinations when going abroad are against tetanus, polio, diphtheria and if needed, also against measles, German measles and mumps.

Further information about vaccinations

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Notification of Move

According to the Finnish law, you need to do a temporary notification of move whenever the traineeship lasting for more than 3 months.

When arriving to the country of destination, you should also do a notification on move there. The notification can usually be done at the local post office or registering authorities.

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Travel Notification


The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finalnd recommends making travel notification if you are travelling to, moving to or already at a destination abroad, especially a risk-prone area.


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