LUT Summer studies LUT Summer studies

Enrollment  for the Summer Courses is throught  your Study Plan. If the course is not yet in your Study Plan, add it there, and sing up throught it.

Electrical Engineering
Enrollment in SISU 28.4. - 25.5. Course is open 1.6.- 31.8.2021

BL30A1020 Electrical Drives, Compact,  only for Electrical Engineering students, max. 20 students
BL40A0100 Measurement Technology, only for Electrical Engineering students
BL50A0600 Electromagnetic compatibility in Power electronics, only for Electrical Engineering students

Chemical Engineering
Enrolment in SISU 28.4. - 25.5. Course is open 1.6.- 31.8.2021

BJ02A1000 Research Methodology
BJ03A1011 Introduction to Water Treatment Technologies
BJ02A1101 Advanced Biorefineries
BJ02A6000 Digital Water*
BJ02A6010 Raw & Digital*
BJ03A1020 Biological Waste Water Treatment*

*Non separate implemantation for the summer, continuous enrollment

Energy Technology
Enrolment in SISU 28.4. - 25.5. Course is open 1.6.- 31.8.2021

BH40A1401 Fluid Mechanics 1
BH70A0101 Advanced Modelling Tools of Transport Phenomena 

Enivironmental Engineering
Summer studies 1.6.-31.8.

BH60A5200 Introduction to business and sustainability
BH60A5300 Introduction to sustainable system transition
BH60A6000 Basic Course in Life Cycle Assessment
BH60A5400 Introduction to Circular Economy 

Mechanical Engineering
Summer studies 1.6.-31.8.

BK70A0001 Simulation of a Mechatronic Machine; only for  Mechanical engineering students

Computational Engineering
Summer studies 1.6.-31.8.

BM20A5002 Principles of Technical Computing

Industrial Engineering and Management

CS90A0060 Diplomityö/Master's Thesis
CS30A1620 Artificial Inventiveness

Software Engineering
Summer studies 1.6.-31.7.

CT10A6002 Master's Thesis
CT70A9200 Workshop for Scientific Writing
CT70A6100 Advanced Course on Software Busines
CT70A6200 Basics of Software Product Managemen
CT60A7322 Software Business Development
CT60A5103 Software Engineering Models and Modeling
CT30A2803 User Interfaces and Usability
CT70A0050 Introduction to team work in software engineering, continuous enrollment
CT70A9110 Software Development Skills: Front-End, continuous enrollment
CT70A9120 Software Development Skills: Mobile, continuous enrollment
CT70A9140 Software Development Skills: Full-Stack, continuous enrollment
CT30A8912 Software and system architectures
CT30A3232  Basics of Linux
CT60A5540 Computer networks and Internet, continuous enrollment, course is open 1.6.-21.8.
CT70A3000 Software Maintenance
CT10A7004 Sustainability and IT
Study draft MOOC-based Specialization Studies for M. Sc. students

Business Administration
Summer studies 1.6.- 31.7.

A130A0620 Basics in Excel
A380A0131 Business Relationships in International Value Networks
A220A0550 Advanced Decision Making
A240A0070 Fuzzy Data Analysis
A210A0601 Information Systems in Corporate Management and Decision-making, only for LBM and MBAN Master
A220A0053 Investment Analysis with Excel, only for LBM and MBAN Master's level students
A365A0251 Organizational Learning
A310A0603 Supplier Development and Relationship Management
A350A0560 Sustainability Reporting and communication
A350A0050 Business Research Methods, Supplementary Master's level course,  only for the externally admitted LBM MSc degree students (e.g. with a bachelor's degree from a university of applied science)
A350A0620 Strategic Management, only for LBM Master's level students.
A130A150 Find Your Career




International Summer Schools International Summer Schools

In addition to the long-term international exchanges, students can accumulate international experience in short-term programs abroad, e.g. in international summer schools. LUT partner universities all around the world yearly arrange international summer schools with the focus on different topics.

Participation to most summer schools is not free; students finance the participation themselves. Note! LUT does not offer scholarships for participating short-term summer schools abroad.

International summer schools at LUT partner universities:

University of Pisa

The Netherlands
Summer School Utrecht

University of Twente

Norwegian Business School

Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Materials and Technologies for the Arctic. Energy Safety and Renewable Energy Sources
(free participation for LUT students)
Samara National Research University

Singapore Management University

Studies at the LUT Summer School Studies at the LUT Summer School

The LUT Summer School 2021 is cancelled.

The LUT Summer School is a short-term academic event offering intensive Master's-level courses. LUT and LAB students and international students from all around the world can attend the programme. Lecturers of the LUT Summer School include academic staff from LUT and international guest lecturers from US and Korea.

LUT and LAB students: tuition is offered free of charge. However, students have to cover the cost for social activities if they want to attend social events. Cost for social activities is EUR 99 for 1 week, or EUR 129 for 2 weeks.
Note!  The registration is binding. LUT and LAB degree students have to inform the LUT Summer School staff of their withdrawal from summer school courses no later than two weeks before the summer school starts. Otherwise, they will be charged EUR 50 for neglecting to cancel the registration.

More information:

Summer Studies at LUT Open University Summer Studies at LUT Open University

The Open University of LUT University (LUT) organises and offers open university courses in technology and business for everyone. The quality and standard of open university courses are equivalent to those of the university courses taught at LUT. Open University courses are mainly taught in Finnish.

The Open University of LUT offers the following intensive courses of mathematics in May 2020
(the language of instruction is Finnish):

BM20A6700 Matematiikka I, osa A ja osa B
BM20A6800 Matematiikka II, osa A ja osa B

The fee for each course depends on the ECTS credits (EUR 15/credit).

More information on the open university.