Summer Exams Summer Exams


Examinations is arranged on the following days: 26.6 klo. 16:15, 27.6 klo 16:15

There will be different exams on these days.

Registration to the exams in WebOodi has ended.

Late registration is not possible for these exams. 


The exams arranged, is now found from this page.

Possible cancellations will not, be informed personally to the students registered to the exam. The student must check by him- herself from this site if the exam, will be arranged or not.

The exam room is going to be room 2310 on Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday 26.6

BH30A2104 Nuclear Reactor Dynamics

A A130A0600-K Taloustieteen matematiikka

BM40A0201 Tietojenkäsittelyn perusteet

365A0450 Organisaation kehittäminen ja muutosjohtaminen

Wednesday 27.6

A250A0400 Mikroteoria