Study Guidance and Counselling Study Guidance and Counselling

You will receive personal study councelling and guidance from your Master's programme's study counsellor and student adviser. Our well-organised student guidance aims to ensure that you reach your goals according to plan. We provide advice and guidance in preparing and updating your personal study plan (PSP). You will be given information on the substitution of courses, the recognition of prior learning and studies abroad, and other matters subject to application (e.g. study right extensions). Guidance related to the content of studies is also offered by the teacher tutors in our degree programmes.


Internationalisation is a natural part of every LUT student's study path. LUT recommends that our students take part in student exchange abroad for at least one semester. Thanks to an extensive cooperation network, LUT students have the opportunity to take part in exchange programmes in a number of destinations around the world. More information on study opportunities abroad is availabe in the Uni portal internationalisation pages.

Contact information

Our study guidance team is located on the third floor of Building 2. nearby Sky bar. You will find the contact information of your Master's programme's study counsellor and student adviser under the degree programme:

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International Tutoring International Tutoring

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) welcomes over 300 foreign exchange students, degree students and trainees each year - and all of them need a tutor student. The tasks of the international tutor include introducing and familiarising the new students to the everyday life here in Lappeenranta and new study environment. If you have any questions about tutoring contact the tutoringsecretary or Tanja Karppinen at Student Services Centre.

Who needs a tutor?

The students arriving to LUT can be divided to two groups: the exchange students who stay in Lappeenranta for few months and the degree students who complete a master's degree. In addition to them, each year a small number of trainees stay at LUT for short period of time.

The exchange students come mainly from  partner universities and they stay in Lappeenranta for a semester or an academic year (4-9 months). During their stay the exchange students complete individal courses. New exchange students arrive in August and in January.

International degree students study in master's degree programmes and most will stay in Lappeenranta for two years. New degree students arrive each year in August.

How to apply for tutoring?

The application period is now open! We are looking for tutors for foreign incoming exchange and degree students and Finnish students for academic year 2019 -- 2020. Apply to become tutor by filling in this Webropol questionnaire at latest on 3th of February.

Degree student tutors will be interviewed and selected by the faculties/degree programmes. Exchange student tutors will be interviewed and selected by Student Services. The results will be sent to the applicants by e-mail.

If you have any questions please be in contact with tutoring secretary Katri Kankaanpää ( or Tanja Karppinen (

Tutor training

The students chosen to be tutors need to take part in tutor training. The International Student's Peer Tutoring course is held in the fourth period and it is organised by the Student Services. The training is compulsory for all tutors and tutors who not take part in the training will not be able to tutor in the coming academic year. If the tutor has taken part to the training the previous year the training is not needed.

In the training the tutor will get tools for leading an international group of students, learn the tasks of the international tutor and get familiar with the services for international students. In addition to this the training includes lectures on themes like cross-cultural communication, motivation and time-management. In the end of the semester the tutors will return a tutoring report  to the Student Services.