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    Degree Structure Degree Structure

    The study programme for the Master of Science in Technology, M.Sc. (Tech.) is a two year programme and is structured as follows:

    Master of Science (Tech.) 120 ECTS credits in Software Engineering and Digital Transformation consists of:

    • Core studies
    • Specialisation studies
    • Minor studies
    • Free elective studies

    Specialisation studies

    You can specialise in one of the two areas - Software Engineering or Digital Transformation

    The Software Engineering specialisation builds upon the Bachelor's Programme in Software Engineering and aims at developing professional skills in this discipline as well as providing opportunities for students to engage in and develop research abilities.
    From a practical point of view, this specialisation prepares students for specialist roles or project and team leader positions.

    The Digital Transformation specialisation aims at building software and service design and redesign, business process re-engineering and digitalisation expertise for modern businesses, and industry workflow digitalisation.

    More information about the specialisation studies can be found in WebOodi's Study guide.

    Minor studies

    The course descriptions and description of the minors can be found in WebOodi in the section dedicated to Minors; the Entrepreneurship, Digitalization and Analytics and International Business and Management minors are recommended.

    Free elective studies

    Any course offered by LUT may be included in free elective studies. As a general principle the free elective studies should be opted such that they support the other studies. The free elective studies complete the requirements of the degree (120 ECTS cr); if the core-, spesialisation- and minor studies fulfil the requirements for the degree, the free elective studies may be 0 ECTS cr.