Sisu and courses 2020-2021 Sisu and courses 2020-2021

The courses for the academic year 2020-2021 will be published in the new student information system Sisu, where you can check courses even without logging in.

  • You can search for courses for example by the name, part of the name or by code. Searching with the word "post graduate" is also useful.
  • You can also filter your search e.g. according to the course level or curriculum period.
  • By clicking the course name you see the course description (info).
  • When choosing courses, please remember to check the level of the course, which is mentioned at the beginning of the course description and also in the section Classification - Search tags ("For Post Graduate Studies").
  • Choose the right curriculum period (version) under the course name to ensure that the course is available in that particular academic year.

In the curriculum period 2020-2021 courses with varying extent (e.g. 2-6 ECTS cr) will change into study drafts that have to be accepted separately in Sisu personal study plan. More information on study drafts, please see the section Study drafts/LUT (common instructions to all LUT students).

Creating a Personal Study Plan (PSP) and enrolling for courses and exams

All doctoral students must create their own Personal Study Plan in Sisu during autumn 2020. Please see instructions below. 

As of August 1 enrolment for courses and exams takes place in Sisu. In order to be able to enroll for a course the course must be included in student's study plan in Sisu.

Instructions for creating a personal study plan in Sisu

Instructions for course enrolment: link to the Student Services Uni page

More info about Sisu in Uni

Study drafts/LUT Study drafts/LUT

Here you will find changes of the courses of the study programs from previous academic years.

Study draft in SISU HOPS

You can include studies completed elsewhere than LUT into your plan as a study draft.
You can use study draft also If the course in your personal study plan is with varying extent (e.g. 1-10 ECTS)

List of Courses that turn into study draft

Study draft instruction.

Other education and training for doctoral students Other education and training for doctoral students

Training and info sessions

LUT University organises training and info sessions on different themes suitable for doctoral students. The compilation of activities on a separate Uni-page also includes actual courses that are suitable for most doctoral students and can be included in the supporting studies for the doctoral degree (offering e.g. so called transferable skills). The recommendations mentioned are given by LUT Doctoral School.

Read more on training and info sessions.


Philosophy of science Research ethics Information retrieval and publishing
Research methods Communication skills Career services
Entrepreneurship Research exchange Research financing
LUT staff training Dissertation process  

In addition to doctoral courses offered at LUT University, doctoral programmes may also offer courses for doctoral students in their national networks.

Other possibilities - Networks and Flexible Study Right

In addition to doctoral courses offered at LUT University, doctoral programmes may also offer possibilities to attend courses in their national cooperation and doctoral training networks such as NORDTEK, KATAJA and others. Please consult your supervisor on this option.

All Finnish universities are parties to the Flexible Study Rights Agreement (JOO), which provides also LUT University doctoral students the opportunity to include courses from other universities into their LUT degrees. Please note that the courses must be appropriate for the LUT degree without equivalent courses available in the LUT curriculum. Before applying discuss the issue with the supervisor as his/her statetement is required for the application. Further information in Uni, see the section Flexible studies.

Please note that the studies taken outside LUT University have to be approved by the supervisor as well before registering them at LUT.  If needed, the supervisor also converts postgraduate studies completed in another institution to the scale applied at LUT University. In your personal study plan in Sisu this type of studies are called study drafts.

Approval of Studies for Graduation Approval of Studies for Graduation

Sisu will change the process how studies for the doctoral degree will be accepted. Instructions on how to create a personal study plan and have it accepted in Sisu will be updated here later. Until then:

  • The student submits the proposal for studies to be included in the doctoral degree (approved by the coordinating supervisor) to LUT Doctoral School before the manuscript of the dissertation is submitted for preliminary examination.
  • Possible supplementary studies (extra studies) have to be completed before the start of the preliminary examination.
  • If you have already completed all the studies that you intend to include in your doctoral degree, please contact Ms. Sari Damstén-Puustinen (LUT Doctoral School) for further instructions.
  • If there are still studies to be taken or results missing, please fill in the form Approval of studies for graduation as advised below. Note! Save the form on you computer first and then you can fill it in or print it.

Please note! All studies to be included in the doctoral degree must be registered before the permission to print is given by the Academic Council in question.

  • When presenting the studies for graduation, the student has to specify the basis of evaluation (oral/written exam, literature review, etc.), the place of completion, the examiner and the extent of each study attainment.
  • For literature examinations, the student has to list the name of the examiner, the number of credits, and the author, the title, the number of pages studied and the publication year of the book.
  • The extent of the study attainment is given in ECTS credits (only whole numbers).
  • If the number of credits has not been defined, the scope will be measured on the basis of the amount of work by the student (27 h = 1 ECTS credit)

    Industrial Engineering and Management, Software Engineering:
  • General studies related to methodology or making science (5-20 credits) may be included in the research field studies and/or the supporting studies. Please specify which of the studies fall into this category.

    Economics and Business Administration:
  • Studies supporting the field also have to include at least 15 ECTS cr of methodology and scientific theory studies. Please list them separately into studies supporting the research field.

General instructions and information on the structure of doctoral studies General instructions and information on the structure of doctoral studies

Doctoral Programme in Business and Management
Economics and Business Administration

Doctoral Programme in Energy Systems

Electrical Engineering
Energy Engineering
Energy Market and Solar Economy
Mechanical Engineering
Sustainability Science

Doctoral Programme in Engineering Science
Computational Science
Green Chemical Technology
Technical Physics
Industrial Engineering and Management
Software Engineering

Enrolment of Doctoral Students / Academic Year 2020-2021 Enrolment of Doctoral Students / Academic Year 2020-2021

The doctoral students of LUT University also have to enrol as attending or non-attending for every academic year. If you are a new student, please return the enrolment form immediately after receiving the decision on the study right. The Student Union fee does not apply to doctoral students so there are no compulsory fees to be paid.

Please note: Enrolment for the academic year applies to students already with a study right, so enrolment is not an application for the study right.

Enrolment for the academic year 2020-2021: May 1st, - August 31st, 2020.

The student has to enrol as attending for the semester in which he/she starts the dissertation process, as well as for the semester in which he/she is going to graduate.

WebOodi or

Enrolment form 2020-2021 - please return to the Student Services Centre (the address is in the form).

If you enrol late, a re-enrolment fee (35 euros) will be charged from September 1st, 2020 forwards. More information on paying the re-enrolment fee (see Enrolment for the Academic year  - Enrolment after deadline, no student union fee for doctoral students).


Reinstatement of the study right

If your previous enrolment has been more than a year ago and you wish to continue your studies at LUT University, you must make an application for the reinstatement of your study right. Before submitting the application to the Student Services Centre, please contact LUT Doctoral School for further instructions.

Application for the reinstatement of the study right