The School of Business and Management warmly recommends studies abroad, and LUT offers excellent opportunities for international studies to business students.

Studies Abroad info

Exchange studies to PSP

Before departure

  • All students leaving for exchange (Erasmus, Norek, bilateral or free mover exchange) prepare a learning agreement in Mobility.
  • Students submit the learning agreement attached with the course descriptions and the personal study plan (PSP) in which student has placed planned studies abroad  to study counselors in Business Administration.

Upon return

  • Applications for credit transfer for studies completed abroad are submitted to study counselors of LUT Study Services. The forms in Finnish and English are available on the Uni portal pages of the LUT Business Administration. Students are advised to apply for credit transfer as soon as they get an official transcript from host university. 
  • If the student is applying for the approval of minor studies, the Application for a differing degree structure must be attached also.
  • In addition, students are awarded language study credits for international student exchange (as a rule the language of the programme and only for one language). Student exchange or an internship of one semester (3-6 months) amounts to 4 ECTS credits of language studies, and that of one academic year (7-12 months) amounts to 6 ECTS credits. The language studies can be included in either the Bachelor's or Master's degree.
  • NOTE! If the student only completes language and culture studies (e.g. Japanese or Chinese language and culture)  during the stay abroad, no additional language credits will be awarded for the exchange itself.
  • Language credits for international exchange are approved by study counselors of LUT Business Administration based on the student's application. Language credits can be awarded to students who have taken part in student exchange no earlier than in the academic year 2009-2010. Language credits can also be granted for internships completed abroad after 1 May 2011.
Contacts of specialisation fields/programmes:
B.Sc., International Business: Terhi Tuominen
B.Sc., Financial Management: Anna Vuorio
Accounting (LAMO), Master´s programme: Satu Pätäri
Knowledge Management and Leadership (TIJO) Master's programme: Aino Kianto
MBAN Master´s programme: Pasi Luukka
MIBE Master´s programme: Lasse Torkkeli
MIMM Master's programme: Olli Kuivalainen
MSF Master's programme: Sheraz Ahmed
MSIS Master's programme: Anni Tuppura
MSM Master's programme: Katrina Lintukangas
Language studies in bachelor´s progammes: study counsellor Kirsti Tiainen
Language studies in master´s programmes: study counsellor Kaija Huotari