Student Feedback Student Feedback

Student feedback influences the quality of education and teaching. It helps the personnel in developing degree programmes and courses to better meet the needs of students.  

Student feedback is collected during studies in many phases: beginning of studies, after every course, at graduation in BSc. and MSc. degrees.

Individual students or student groups dissatisfied with instruction, guidance, teaching arrangements or other teaching-related matters may submit a free-form, written complaint to the university. The complaint is addressed to the quality system manager, who will see to it that the complaint is handled and provides information on the matter to the students submitting the complaint.  

Open Feedback

This is an open possibility for every student member of LUT community to give feedback or development proposals on LUT functions. You can give your feedback anonymously or with your name. Quality system manager checks the messages systematically, and forwards the feedback to the relevant recipients. Compilations of the feedback are published on the LUT intranet every month.


Course Feedback Course Feedback

Feedback helps teachers and other staff members to develop individual courses, examinations or teaching methods better to meet students' needs. First and foremost, elements that especially disturb or hinder studying, or on the other hand significantly support it, should be made known to the teacher or other relevant staff as soon as possible.See a short video orientation on LUT course feedback:

Collecting feedback from the students

Student guilds collect the feedback with an electronic form. Students registered for the course receive the link to the electronic feedback form by email at the end of the period.

Feedback is anonymous and thus the teacher does not know who has written it. If the teacher wants to know which students have given feedback (for example to award extra points) it will be informed. In every case, the responses are handled confidentially and the feedback never affects the grades, for example.

Student guilds deliver the feedback to the teacher and collect the feedback report also for University administration. The University awards the best teachers annually basing on course feedback.

Language course feedback

Language center courses’ feedback is collected through the Spark system used in all courses provided by LAB University of Applied Sciences. LUT students will receive a link to a feedback survey in their email 7 days before the end of the course.

Teachers' response to feedback

Teachers are required to respond to the feedback they receive from students. This response should summarise what kind of feedback was given on the course, how teacher is going to use the information, etc. The response will be delivered to students by Moodle News.

Failure to collect feedback

If in some course feedback is not collected or the response to the feedback is not delivered, you may report this to LUT's Quality Manager Annikka Nurkka (annikka.nurkka(a)