Student Customer Service open hours Student Customer Service open hours


The student services are open from 1st of August
Mon - Thu  9.00 - 15.00 and Fri 9.00 - 14.00


Please be prepared to show your student card or other ID when you claim your transcript or attendance certificate or when you register for study courses.

Information on exceptions to the opening hours will also be posted in the section "News".

Official Electronic Transcript and Certificate of Attendance Official Electronic Transcript and Certificate of Attendance

You can order an official digitally-signed transcript of records and certificate of attendance from WebOodi while you are a student at LUT. The electronic transcript of records and certificate of attendance are PDF documents equipped with a digital signature to confirm its authenticity and integrity.

Digital signatures are replacing handwritten signatures and stamps. The electronic transcript / certificate of attendance should be a valid alternative in all situations where signed and stamped paper documents are used.

Whatever the transaction, if the party concerned does not accept your digitally signed document, you may request a signed and stamped paper document  from LUT Student Customer Service desk.

The electronic transcript of records / certificate of attendance may be ordered through WebOodi. The file will be ready for downloading to your device about 15 minutes after placing the order.

Electronic documents are official only in their digital form and not as paper-printed copies, for example. The electronic file can not be modified, as any change made to the file invalidates the digital signature.

Instruction: Electronic transcript / attendance of certificate and how to check it's validity

Student Customer Service Student Customer Service

The Student Customer Service is located on the third floor of the university's second building, room 2313.

Student Customer Services 

The Customer Service Team provides services related e.g. to the following to all LUT students: 

  • enrolment for the academic year
  • registration for exams and study courses
  • attendance certificates
  • official transcripts
  • letters of recommendation
  • testimonials
  • registration of completed study courses
  • reinstatement of study rights and re-enrolment
  • discontinuation of studies and renouncing one's study right
  • maturity tests
  • graduation ceremonies


Outside of the office hours you can reach the team staff by telephone: + 358 29 446 3040 and + 358 29 446 3041. Our e-mail address is  We aim to respond to all e-mails on the day we receive them. Our postal address is LUT / Student Services, PL 20, 53851 Lappeenranta.

Customer Service Team Customer Service Team

Staff e-mail addresses:

Customer Service

Ms. Tuula Peltonen - Study Secretary
room 2313, tel. + 358 29 446 3041

Ms. Marjut Rautiainen - Study Secretary (out of office until 31.5.2018)
room 2313, tel. + 358 29 446 3873

Mr. Markus Korhonen - Study Secretary
room 2313, tel. +358 29 446 3873

  • register services: enrolment for the academic year, registration for study courses and exams, reinstatement of study rights, transcripts and attendance certificates, registration of completed study courses

Graduation Documents

Ms. Tiina Kronqvist - Study Secretary (Technology students)
room 2313, tel. + 358 400 176 485

Ms. Taina Pekari - Study Secretary (Industrial Engineering Management / Computer Science students)
room 2313, tel. + 358 40 502 2879

Ms. Mervi Lensu - Study Secretary (Business Administration students)
room 2313, tel. + 358 50 322 6464

  • Application for Approval of Master's Thesis Topic (form 1A)
  • Application for Assessment of Master's Thesis (form 1B)
  • Application for Master's Degree Certificate (form 1 C)
  • Degree Certificates
  • Arrangements for graduation ceremonies

Other Customer Service Staff

Ms. Minna Ranta - Head of LUT Student Services
room 2323B, tel. + 358 40 510 0597

  • supervisor of Customer Service Team
  • misconducts in studies
  • student interaction: Student Union, student guilds
  • graduation ceremonies
  • reinstatement of study right


Ms. Anne Makkonen - International Officer
room 2313, tel. + 358 40 182 4533

  • Teacher and staff exchange
  • Erasmus+ coordinator
  • Erasmus agreements
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • FIRST coordinator
  • IELTS language tests