Renouncing the Right to Study Renouncing the Right to Study

Students may give up their study entitlement by submitting a written notification to the Student Service Centre. The notification is binding. The study entitlement ends on the date of the notification. An entry thereof will be made to the university records. In such cases, students may regain their study entitlement only by applying to the university through the regular admissions process.


Practical instructions:


  • Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are entitled to renounce their right to study.
  • The notification of the renouncement of the study right applies to the study right mentioned in the application and possible related lower or higher university degrees. A student who renounces his or her right to study also renounces the right to complete the related Master's degree in technology or business.
  • The date of receipt of the notification is considered the ending date of the study right.
  • The notification is binding and cannot be revoked or amended.
  • A renounced right to study cannot be reinstated. Instead, the student must apply to the university through normal admission channels. This also applies to postgraduate students.
  • Form for renouncing the right to study


Students fill out and sign the form and submit it to the Student Service Centre. The Student Service Centre records the ending date of the study right in the student register and on the form, which is then returned to the student.