Students printing Students printing

LUT Universities' printing system changed on June 1st, 2021. The content of this page is partially outdated. Check for the latest information on the news.
The University uses device-independent Follow me  printing. This means that you can print or scan from any multifunction printer in campus only showing your personal LUT electronic key "lutikka" in the system reader.
You need to register your LUT electronic key in the system. Also you can register with card with chip if you like. Then you need to buy printing quotas in LUTShop (it is webshop by LUT) or in the Aalef campus kiosk in the main lobby.
You can print out, scan and copy documents and pictures through printing system. Using smartpone to print is possible through mobile-printing. If you don't have your registered printing key (e.g. magnetic key) with you, you can still use printing system and login with your LUT username and password. 

How to get started?

  • Registered to the printing system using your LUT magnetic key (lutikka) or card with chip.
  • Buy printing quotas in LUTShop or in Aalef campus kiosk in the main lobby.

Printing quotas Printing quotas

Students can buy printing quotas their LUT username in Aalef campus kiosk or in the online shop by LUT. You can buy quotas that much you want. Price includes VAT 24% and this sum don't increase your amount.

For example. If you buy quotas with 10 euros your quota actually grows with 8,06 euros and difference 1,94 euros is VAT.

Printing quotas will be closed when you graduate and and unused money cannot be returned

Free printing quotas ended 1.1.2016.

Safe printing Safe printing

Follow me printing is secure. Your prints come out from the system only when you want to. You can choose when you want to print it and when anybody doesn't see that. Follow me printing is also eco-friendly. An accidentally to system sent document can be left in the system and will automatically disappear after 12 hours.
Always remember to log out of the printer when you are done!

Mobile printing Mobile printing

What?! Mobile printing means that you can send and file or image directly from your smartphone to the printer. Also you can print document directly from the web site using mobile printing change.

Check out the mobile printing options at . For example, you can send your document as an email attachment to and retrieve your printouts from any multifunctional printer. Mobile printing uses same Follow me printing and consumes your print balance normally.