Permission to Print the Dissertation, Opponents and Custos Permission to Print the Dissertation, Opponents and Custos

On the basis of the preliminary examination statements, the Academic Council decides on the permission to print the dissertation and appoints the custos and the opponents (one or two) for the public examination. The supervisor submits the proposal for opponents to LUT Doctoral School (office 2318).

Check the dates for the Academic Council meetings and deadlines: autumn 2021, spring 2022.

LUT Doctoral School sends the opponents the following documents:

  • an announcement of the decision
  • instructions for the opponents and for the public examination
  • assessment form
  • the forms regarding the reward for the work

The custos (chairperson) of the public examination is usually the supervisor. He/she advises the opponents on the protocol of the public examination, helps with travel and accommodation arrangements, as well as with other possible issues related to the event.

Custos instructions for preparing for the public examination

Printing Process and Distribution of the Dissertation Printing Process and Distribution of the Dissertation

The doctoral candidate may start the publishing and printing process with the LUT Academic Library and the LUT University Press immediately after the Academic Council has granted the permission to print but at the latest 25 days before the public examination. More information can be found in the Dissertation process booklet (PDF).

LUT University dissertations are published in ACTA Universitatis Lappeenrantaensis series in printed form and also in electronic form in LUTPub University Repository.

Publishing agreement

At least 25 calendar days before the public examination the doctoral candidate should submit the following documents to the LUT Academic Library: an ACTA application form, a signed publishing agreement, a manuscript of the dissertation and the publishers' permissions to include the articles in the dissertation. It is worth getting the publishers' permissions for the articles in good time, a good practise is to get them as soon as the articles have been published.

When the doctoral candidate and the library have signed the publishing agreement, the library issues the dissertation an ACTA serial number and the ISBN and ISSN codes.

Instructions for publication

Issues related to publishing:

Printing the dissertation

LUT University dissertations are printed in the LUT University Press. After receiving the publishing numbers from the library, the doctoral candidate sends the dissertation to the LUT University Press at least 23 calendar days before the public examination. The press adds the cover pages, scales the work into B5 size and prints a draft version of the dissertation. The doctoral candidate, the LUT Academic Library and the LUT University Press check the draft together (only small changes are possible at this stage). The final, checked version of the manuscript has to be sent to the press at least 15 calendar days before the public examination. The number of printed dissertations is 50-80 pieces and the schools are responsible for the printing costs.

LUT University Press checklist for doctoral candidates

Issues related to printing: 

Distribution of the dissertation

The final version of the dissertation must be on public display in the university for 10 calendar days before the public examination. LUT Doctoral School takes care of this.

LUT Doctoral School also posts the dissertation

  • to the supervisors and to the school office
  • to the preliminary examiners
  • to the opponents

It is recommended that the doctoral candidate sends the final electronic version of the dissertation to the opponents as soon as it is available, so that the opponents have access to the dissertation as early as possible.

The doctoral candidate delivers the dissertation to the persons and communities supervising or funding the work at different stages.

If some minor mistakes (e.g. spelling, punctuation) are noticed after printing, they can be listed with corrections in an errata-list. The LUT University Press prints the errata and the doctoral candidate is responsible for adding the errata to the printed dissertations. The LUT University Press also sends the errata to the library where it will be attached as a separate PDF file to the electronic version.

Preparing for the Public Examination Preparing for the Public Examination

The doctoral candidate, the custos and the opponents agree on the date and place of the public examination. The public examination is held at the university premises, in accordance with the established practice. The candidate books the room for the public examination from The doctoral candidate takes care that there will be enough printed dissertations available at the public examination.

The custos and the doctoral candidate discuss the technical equipment needed in the examination and other practical arrangements with the university porter.

The opponents' reward and travel expenses are paid by the school of the doctoral candidate.

A video presenting a typical public examination at LUT University is also available. It is in English and gives an overall picture on how the public examination is held at LUT University.

List of public examination arrangement responsibilities (what do Custos, Candidate, University Press, Doctoral School  etc. do?)

Preparing for the public examination, instructions for the doctoral candidate

Instructions for the public examination

Public Announcement of the Dissertation and Press Release Public Announcement of the Dissertation and Press Release

Based on the information provided by the doctoral candidates, LUT University Communications team publishes the information about dissertations and upcoming public examination events. The Communications team is also responsible for issuing news releases on selected dissertations topics. The media potential is assessed by the communications specialists after receiving information from the doctoral candidate (press releases are not made of all dissertations). 

All doctoral candidates should be in touch with the LUT Communications team as soon as the permission to print has been granted and the date of the public examination fixed (2 weeks before the public examination at the very latest) and submit information about the dissertation according to the instructions below.

Detailed instructions

Further information: media(at)

Assessment of the Dissertation Assessment of the Dissertation

The opponent(s) should give a written statement (attached to the assessment form) on the dissertation and its defence after the public examination. It is strongly recommended that the opponents prepare their statement immediately. The opponents may prepare individual statements or a joint statement.

The custos takes care that the statement and the assessment form will be delivered to the LUT Doctoral School. On the basis of this statement, the Academic Council decides whether the doctoral dissertation can be approved and gives it a grade.

At LUT University the grades for an approved dissertation are pass with distinction and pass.

Graduation Graduation

In order to graduate, the student must apply for graduation in Sisu. LUT Doctoral School will give instructions for the graduation application.

The degree certificate states

  • the degree awarded
  • the doctoral programme
  • research field


A transcript of records (ToR) that lists all the courses completed by the student and included in the degree is also given with the degree certificate. The ToR includes also the title and grade of the doctoral dissertation and information on the public examination of the dissertation, the opponent(s) and the custos. A Diploma Supplement, which is targeted especially for use in an international context, is also annexed to the degree certificate.

A transcript of possible supplementary studies completed by the student is annexed to the degree certificate.

Once a month, there is a graduation ceremony in which the rector of LUT University awards the certificates. The graduate may apply for a scholarship from the university's Research Foundation after graduation.

Please note that the student has to enrol as an attending student for the term he/she is going to graduate.

Further information on enrolment

Conferment Ceremony

At regular intervals the university arranges a conferment ceremony at which doctors are awarded the right to use the insignia, i.e. the doctoral hat and the sword (the latter only for those with a doctorate in business administration or philosophy).  The next ceremony will be held in Lahti on May 27-28, 2022 if the pancemic situation so allows. More information will be available on the LUT conferment ceremony website, which will be linked here as well.

Please note! The right to use the insignia (a hat, a sword) can be acquired only by participating the conferment ceremony (attending or non-attending). LUT gives specific instructions on acquiring a doctoral hat and a sword after the date for the next conferment ceremony is published. Graduates must not acquire them before that. At LUT, the sword is worn only by those with a doctorate in business administration or philosophy.