Preparations Before Arrival Preparations Before Arrival

Applying for accommodation

As soon as you decide to accept your study place at LUT you are advised to apply for accommodation from the Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS).  As there are hundreds of students applying for accommodation it is important to apply as soon as possible. LOAS deals with the housing applications in order they come in. The earlier you are able to begin your tenancy agreement, the better chances you have to get accommodation. Note that LOAS will make only one offer per student and you need to confirm the offer by paying the deposit within deadline given by LOAS.

Arrival information

You are asked to inform LUT Student Services about your arrival date, time and means as soon as you have the details. The arrival information is very important as we cannot assign a tutor for you if we do not know exactly when you are coming to Lappeenranta. Please note that your tutor will take care of a group of students.

Exchange students will inform their arrival via Mobility-Online system.

Concerning degree students: If you are moving to Lappeenranta from somewhere else in Finland or already live in Lappeenranta, we ask you to inform us about  the date when you'll be in Lappeenranta as again it will help in arranging your tutor.

Concerning degree students: You will be sent the arrival information form by e-mail in latter part of June and we hope that you will be able to provide your arrival details as soon as possible, latest in the beginning of August. If you have questions related to your arrival, please contact us at international.programmes(a)

Compulsory health insurance

All the students coming to Finland need to have sufficient insurance cover. For students needing a residence permit the health insurance is a compulsory part of the residence permit application. Students coming from EU/EEA countries can use their European Health Insurance Card. In case you cannot get the EHIC card from your home country's insurance system, a private insurance is recommended in case of accidents or illness.

When you join the Student Union upon the start of your studies you will gain access to Finnish Student Health Service FSHS (YTHS in Finnish). This means that you can access general, dental and mental health services at FSHS. However, this service does not cover hospital treatment or acute illness during weekends and holidays so the private insurance is required.

If your studies will last at least 2 years, you can be granted home municipality in Lappeenranta meaning that you can then use the municipal healthcare system. In this case your private insurance cover needed is 30 000 €.

If your studies will last less than 2 years you are not usually granted home municipality in Lappeenranta. In this case your private insurance cover needed is 100 000 €.

LUT has negotiated health insurance packages for LUT students with MARSH/SIP insurance company. If you are interested in these, please see MARSH/SIP website. At the website you fill find all necessary information on the insurance coverage and the prices. In any questions about the MARSH insurance, please contact MARSH directly.

Tuition Fee

In the academic year 2019-20 the LUT Tuition Fee is 10 000 euros for the whole year (Fall and Spring semesters).

The due dates for LUT Tuition Fee payments are:

1st part of the tuition fee (5000 euros): April 30, 2019
2nd part of the tuition fee (5000 euros): August 5, 2019

Tuition fee with 50 % scholarship (5000 euros): April 30, 2019

However, please note that regarding your residence permit process it is highly advisable to pay the 2nd part of the tuition fee ASAP after the 1st part, so that you can show Immigration that you have made both payments.

At the latest, the 2nd part must be paid by August 5, 2019. Note also that even if you do not pay the 2nd part earlier, you still need to show Immigration that you have the money for your whole tuition fee (both payments) during the whole RP process. In most cases it is easier to prove to Immigration that you have the money with paid tuition fee receipts than on your bank account. If you cannot show Immigration the money for the whole tuition fee, you will not receive a residence permit.

Residence permit

Citizens of EU/EEA countries

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and equivalent can enter Finland without a residence permit. However, when your study period exceeds 3 months, you are required to register your residence once in Lappeenranta. The registration is done at the  Lappeenranta police station or via eServices of Finnish Immigration Service (MIGRI). A valid passport or national ID is required. If you submit the application via eServices, you need to visit Lappeenranta police station within one month to confirm your identity and present original copies of the attachments required for your application.

When registrating your right to reside in Finland at the local police station, please ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. By doing so, you will receive a Finnish personal identity code, which will make your life in Finland easier. For details please see Finnish Police.

Citizens of other countries

You must have a valid passport and a residence permit in order to enter Finland. A visa is not accepted. As it can take several months to issue a residence permit, we recommend that you allow sufficient time to apply for your residence permit.

  • Once you have received the Admission letter, submit your application electronically at Finnish Immigration Service's (MIGRI) eServices. You can also submit the application to a Finnish embassy in your home country or in a country in which you are legally residing. Applying electronically is the fastest way to get the decision to your application.
  • Due to biometrics, fingerprints are collected from all applicants. All students are required to visit a Finnish embassy in person to give their fingerprints, no exceptions are made. Your application will not be processed before you have given biometric details at the embassy.
  • Take the originals of all your documents with you to the embassy even if you have submitted your application electronically.
  • The Finnish Immigration Service makes an order for a biometric residence permit card if a positive decision is made. It takes one to two weeks on an average for the card to arrive at the embassy. It is not possible to expedite the delivery.

Note that your health insurance must cover the period that your residence permit is valid.

When you apply for a residence permit, please ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System. By doing so, you will receive a Finnish personal identity code already before arrival, which will make your life in Finland easier. For details, please see The Finnish Immigration Service.




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