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    Personal study plan in Sisu Personal study plan in Sisu

    A personal study plan (PSP) is the student's tool for planning and monitoring university studies. The PSP is based on the degree structure described in the Study Guide. The first version of the PSP is made at the beginning of the studies and it can and should be updated till the date of graduation according to the guidelines approved by LUT. There are three official checkpoints of the PSP:
    - 1st period of studies
    - upon approval of topic application for a Master's thesis
    - upon graduation.

    The PSP contains:

    - All the courses the student is going to study for the M.Sc. degree
    - Credit transfers from other universities/degrees (if any)
    - Complementary courses (if complementary courses were assigned to the student)
    - Additional studies (if any).

    Please note that any planned changes to the compulsory courses in the degree structure must be applied for in written.

    Personal Study Plan is created and updated in Sisu

    The students compile the PSP in an electronic form by using the ePSP tool in Sisu. Guided ePSP workshops are arranged annually in September-October as a part of the course "Introduction to M.Sc. Studies". All new degree students should make their first versions of the PSP by the end of the 1st period, and send it to Study Counselor for comments.

    Please see additional information and instructions for Sisu.