Webropol inquiry tool Webropol inquiry tool

Webropol 3.0 tool

Webropol feedback system is in use at LUT. LUT students can use this electronic tool in order to collect information or feedback e.g. for their study assignments and theses or even for the leisure activities of student union or guilds.

Webropol can be accessed using your LUT user name and password in webropol.lut.fi . When creating the questionnaire, please save it in the right folder, not in the main folder. Webropol main users Suvi Tiainen, Riikka Hämäläinen and Annikka Nurkka) can assist you in problems. Contact via email firstname.surname@lut.fi.

When and why you should use Webropol?

  • You need to collect answers for your assignment or bachelor or master thesis.
  • You want collect answers or opinions e.g. event or function of student associations.
  • You have a question and you want answers from large number of peoples.

Webropol manual

Programs you can install Programs you can install

University offered many softwares and programs for free or in inexpencive price.

Read more about the programs and instructions how do install them here.

Examples about the programs:

Office 365 Pro+ suite for five computers and five smartphones.

F-secure security software e.g. license € 4,99/ full year for one device.

MATLAB, Solidworks and SAS licenses.

Link goes to LUT intranet. So you can read LUT intranet you need to have LUT user account.