Orientation Days at LUT Orientation Days at LUT

For all the new students beginning their studies in LUT a joint orientation will be organised. Participating in the orientation is definitely worth it, as it is a good way to ensure a smooth start for the studies.

Just before the beginning of the actual subject studies, a joint orientation will be organised for all the students beginning their studies at LUT. The orientation will be organised both in August/September and in January (4.-5.1.22) during the previous week before the start of the actual subject studies.

Important information about the beginning of the studies, the university as a community, student community, the support services and the study location, Lappeenranta or Lahti, will be offered during the orientation. International students also receive basic information about the Finnish society, culture and life in Finland.

Participation to the orientation takes place under the guidance of you appointed tutor (read more about peer tutoring). Tutor plays an important role in helping new students get assimilated into the the university system.

If you have questions regarding the orientation you can contact tutoring secretary Kia Dillström (email: tuutorointisihteeri(at)lut.fi) or Tanja Karppinen (email: tanja.karppinen(at)lut.fi).

Orientation Days in Lahti Orientation Days in Lahti

Orientation for international Bachelor’s and Master's programs in Lahti will take place on 24.-26.8., 31.8. and 2.-3.9.2021.

You can participate either on campus or on-line. We wish to see you on campus if possible. Please see the corona guidelines of LUT university.

Master's programmes

Bachelor's programmes

Orientation Days in Lappeenranta Orientation Days in Lappeenranta

Orientation in January will be organized 4.-5.1.2022.

Orientation Programme in January 2022 for International Exchange and Degree Students and Finnish Bachelor's Students

Info sessions' detailed schedule for 5.1.2022 (Orientation in January 2022)


Below you can find the final orientation programmes for autumn 2021 for each study programme. From the programme's links you can access the recordings of the orientation sessions.

Master's Degree programmes

Bioenergy systems, Energy conversion & Nuclear Engineering

Business Administration

Chemical Engineering

Computational Engineering

Global Management of Innovation and Management

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Software Engineering

Sustainability Science and Solutions


Bachelor's Degree programmes

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Technology and Engineering Science


Welcome to Land of the Curious

Land of the Curious - Rehtori Juha-Matti Saksa
Slides: Land of the Curious
Video: Land of the Curious

Go with Science - Professori Kalle Michelsen
Slides: Go with Science
Video: Go with Science
Feel the Spirit of Skinnarila - Opiskelija Pinla Nokkanen
Slides: Feel the Spirit of LUT
Video: Feel the Spirit of LUT
First Year Experience @ LUT - Tanja Karppinen
Slides: First Year Experince
Video: First Year Experience


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