Office365 Pro+ Office365 Pro+

Microsoft Office 365 Pro+ suite is comprehensive service for your studies. You can use suite in web or download it for your computer or smartphone. Then you can read your emails and see your files whenever you are.

You login with your student email and use you LUT user account password.

Office programs Office programs


Email and calendar. You can send meeting requests, make reservations from group working rooms and plan your events.


Create, share and save your files. You can see files via OneDrive using web, computer or smartphone.


Word processing program. You can write essays, letters etc. via Word.


Spreadsheet developed.


Presentation program, create your own slideshow.


Create comprehensive notes and lists and share it with you friends or working groups.


Create groups for different teams. You can have conversations, create and share files and call video or voice calls via web. Ideal for working with groups!