Indoor air investigations will continue at the 7th building

The investigators will take two-week dust samples to determine the fibers in the indoor air and their possible sources. Sample collectors will be installed on Monday 7.10.2019 after 11 am. They will be collected on Monday 21.10.2019. You can work normally in the rooms while sampling is in progress.

The sample collectors (Petri dishes) will be installed on A4 –papers. Please do not touch or cover the collectors. Also please avoid extra movement of goods near the collectors. In case of any accident, please leave a note or contact the investigators.

The investigations are made by Vahanen Building Physics. The investigators are Ville Pasanen (044 768 8367, ja Henna Huittinen (044 768 8238,

More information: Suomen Yliopistokiinteistöt Oy, Petri Nuutinen,