Enrolments to courses and exams, attendance information in Sisu

Enrolments to courses and exams has begun in new Sisu-system.

Instructions how to use Sisu is published in UNI: about enrolments and generally about Sisu.

In order to be able to enroll in a course or an exam the student must have valid study right. In case you cannot enroll due to a flaw in study right, please contact . Corrections to study rights are under way according to the information in Oodi.

Some courses have restrictions in enrolments (so called target groups, this might be for example a certain degree programme). In these cases the system accepts enrolments only if the degree programme is confirmed in the personal study plan. If you get as response to enrolment message telling that “You were not selected for the course because some requirements are not fulfilled. Unfulfilled requirements: Member of a specific target group: Students of XXXX” confirm your degree programme in personal study plan and re-enroll. More information about this in quick guide p. 2.

Some definitions when forming the target groups for courses for example in minor study courses have been incorrect. These will be checked and updated during Tuesday August 4th and in case the requirements are fulfilled the statuses of enrolment should be updated to accepted. If the requirements are fulfilled but enrolment cannot be done, please contact

NOTE! After enrolment, check your study calendar to make sure there is a message associated with the implmentation: “Your enrolment has been confirmed”

Attendance information is being transferred from Oodi and will be updated twice a week. At the moment lack of attendance information will not block enrolments, so in case your enrolment is in order in WebOodi, it is fine and will be transferred to Sisu by administrative personnel but with some delay.

Attainments are being transferred, checked and updated between Oodi and Sisu and the situation with these is improving. Meanwhile up to date attainments can be seen in WebOodi.

New students (degree study rights beginning on August 1st 2020) are also being transferred to Sisu. Due to some technical challenges there has been delays here, but this, too, is proceeding. All new students will be in Sisu before beginning of orientation week.

We discovered a mistake in the process how students are accepted to some exams. This causes that the system claims that the student would not be accepted to the exam. The status of enrolments will be corrected as soon as possible by administrative personnel and will not require any special actions by the student

In case you have challenges with Sisu, please contact