From Weboodi to Sisu - Sisu workshops are organized remotely in Zoom

LUT university is implementing a new student information system Sisu https://sisu.lut.fi during the spring 2020. Sisu will replace Weboodi from August 1.

In Sisu students create their personal study plans, follow the advancement of their studies and register for courses and exams.

The services and features of Sisu are brought to use in stages. In the first stage personal study planning is taken into use for all students who continue their studies in LUT in the academic year 2020-21 starting on August 1.

As of August 1 enrolment for courses takes place in Sisu. In order to be able to enroll for a course the course must be included in student’s study plan in Sisu.

For students having started their studies earlier than autumn 2019 Sisu workshops are organizes in March – May.

For further information on student information system Sisu and Sisu workshops please see UNI https://uni.lut.fi/en/web/lut.fi-eng/sisu

All workshops are organized remotely via Zoom video conferencing system.

If you graduate as a Master of Science by July 31, 2020 this change does not concern you.