Invitation to Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018, DL 5.11.2018

Invitation to Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018

Exclusive opportunity for NORDTEK universities to compete in the

Venture Cup NORDTEK – a Nordic/Baltic Tech Battle 2018!

The Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018 is a joint collaboration between NORDTEK and Venture Cup Denmark, supported by Venture Cup Väst and Chalmers University. The competition aims to find the best tech startups amongst students at the NORDTEK member schools and will take place in Göteborg, Sweden, at Chalmers University on the 6th and 7th of December 2018.

The finals of the Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018 is a two-days event with pitch training, networking, jury rounds and a grand awardshow! Application is open, and we hope to see at least one team from each NORDTEK university in the competition.

The goal is to build a strong entrepreneurial network between the NORDTEK universities and to celebrate the best tech startups in Northern Europe.


The criteria to participate in the Venture Cup NORDTEK 2018 are as follows:

●   The competition is open for students at NORDTEK and BALTECH member schools.

●    Teams should be focused on tech and innovation

●     Teams should have an MVP for the concept OR...

●     Teams should have a prototype, mockup or illustration of the product or functionality.

●     Teams must submit a 3-5 page business plan along with questions to be answered

●     Teams must be ready to travel to Göteborg, Sweden on December 6-7th.


The participating startups can receive:

●     Exclusive prizes

●     Networking with potentially mentors and investors

●     Networking with other tech startups.

●     Pitch training

●     Feedback on their business plan


Once accepted, the teams are invited to participate in a 2 day program and award show. The program for the week is as follows:

●     Day 1 - Pitch training and networking. Also with participation from The Nordic HealthTech Talents program organized by Venture Cup Denmark

●     Day 2 - Semifinals + Final Award Show. The winner is announced at an entertaining award show with guest speakers and VIP guests.

Each NORDTEK member university can nominate two teams, who will then be able to compete for the title as the Best NORDTEK University Startup. In exchange, we ask that a minimum of 2 team members attend the event and that the travel expenses and accommodation are covered by the university.

Deadline for submission is November 5th at this link: https://venturecup.dk/nordtek/.

For more info about Venture Cup and NORDTEK go to https://venturecup.dk/or http://nordtek.net/.

Best Regards,

Venture Cup NORDTEK Team