Teachers of the year 2019: Heli Arminen and Anni Tuppura

Heli Arminen and Anni Tuppura received the best student feedback in 2019 for their course Econometrics Methods.

“I was surprised to get such good feedback on the course on quantitative methods. We have been giving the course for many years, and it is nice to see that we have developed it in the right direction. Meanwhile, we ourselves have certainly developed as both teachers and experts,” says Arminen.

Arminen and Tuppura’s Bachelor's level course is mainly completed by business students who wish to continue their studies in the MBAN or MSF programmes. About 60 students took the course last year. Arminen and Tuppura have been teaching the course since 2008 and have developed it consistently year by year. The course is a broad and intensive entity with contact teaching in the form of lectures and tutorials as well as various e-learning elements that support student learning:
- independent study assignments
- video lectures on the most difficult topics
- Kahoot tests within lectures to monitor learning and set the pace for the lecture.

“We have wanted to give students the opportunity to learn and have built the course accordingly,” Arminen and Tuppura describe their pedagogical approach. The course is interactive, and students have a real opportunity to influence how much they want to invest and how thoroughly they want to learn, for example, depending on how they will utilize quantitative methods in their future theses. “We got really good feedback from the students on our interaction,” rejoices Tuppura.

Tutorials are an important part of the course, enable students to ask questions, and guide learning as the teacher walks around the classroom. “You see students make discoveries, which is always rewarding for the teacher,” says Arminen. “It is even nicer when you realize that someone who has come to understand something helps their peers understand too,” Tuppura adds. Tutorials are an important meeting place where the teacher can connect with students and see how they learn.
Arminen and Tuppura say that students have increasing expectations concerning video lectures, and the two teachers are, in fact, planning more video material. However, they consider close contact with students highly valuable. “At a lecture, I can almost sense if someone isn’t able to follow,” describes Tuppura. Both teachers feel that the atmosphere in the group is good, and neither of them would want to give up the course.

On September 1, 2020, Vice Rector Jaana Sandström awarded the following LUT teachers based on the 2019 course feedback:
- The best teachers of the year: Heli Arminen and Anni Tuppura, good course feedback in the course Econometrics Methods
- Honorable Mention: Ahti Jaatinen-Värri, for good course feedback on EnTeDI on-line learning courses
- Honorable Mention: Katja Einola and Mika Vanhala, for good teaching cooperation between LUT and a partner in the course Organizational Theory