Digital and population data services agency for international students

Digital and population data services agency is available for LUT exchange student on Pormestarinkatu 1 A, 53100 Lappeenranta on Tuesdays 15th and 22nd of September without a reservation on the following times:

9.00 Max. 10 students
10.00 Max. 10 students
12.00 Max. 10 students
13.00 Max. 10 students
14.00 Max. 10 students
15.00 Max. 10 students

Only 3 students can enter the office at a time and you have to bring your ID, residence permit (if you have one) and attendance certificate.

The office has hand sanitizer available and it it recommended to use it when you enter the office. Please note that you are not allowed to visit the office if you are sick/within 14 days of your arrival to Finland.