Students’ Q&A Updated on 20 August 2020

Students’ Q&A 

Updated on 20 August 2020

Q&A updated regularly

1. Does the start of the academic year involve special arrangements?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the campus will open with special arrangements in place. Only 50% of the seats available in campus facilities (classrooms, workspaces, etc.) may be occupied.

First-year students will start their studies on campus with an orientation. To avoid the gathering of large crowds, we will arrange part of the orientation programme online. Sessions in smaller groups will take place on campus.

Signs in the classrooms indicate the current maximum capacity and seats not in use. 


Some courses will take place fully online despite what the course description says. Teaching that requires a laboratory or other special facilities or devices will take place on campus (including different workshops). 

The mode of teaching of each first-period course (contact or multimodal) will be mentioned in Moodle by Sunday 30 August.

2. Why is 50% occupancy applied in classrooms?

The safety of our students and teachers is what’s most important to us. We apply national guidelines regarding the occupancy of facilities. In addition, it is extremely important for us to be able to keep our campuses open even if it means restricting occupancy in our facilities. 

3. Courses will mostly be based on hybrid teaching. What does it mean?

All lectures and teaching events on campus that can be streamed live or recorded will be streamed or recorded. Exams (sit-in or virtual) will take place on campus according to normal schedules.

4. How long will these special arrangements for studies be in place?

These arrangements will be in place until 31 December 2020. LUT and LAB will monitor the situation and updates by health care professionals. 

5. Do I need to wear a face mask on campus?

Anyone who wants to wear a mask may wear one. As a general rule, contact teaching on our campuses will take place in spacious facilities where a mask is not compulsory.

We will provide masks for contact teaching where social distancing is impossible. LUT and LAB have identified the courses where safe distances cannot be maintained and masks are needed. Information on possible mask requirements will be available on course Moodle pages. 

Teachers in charge of courses that require the use of masks will collect a set of masks each week and hand them out in class. Students do not collect masks from the campus themselves.

6. When am I allowed on campus?

The campus is open to students from Monday to Friday between 7:30 and 21:00. You can enter campus buildings with your electronic access control key. Remember to swipe your access control key every time you enter a campus building. It will help us in contact tracing if people are exposed to the coronavirus. Students are not allowed to bring visitors to the campus. 

7. I came to Finland from another country. May I come to the campus?

When you return to Finland from a trip abroad or come to Finland for work or studies, you will be allowed on campus after 14 days of self-isolation. The isolation period starts from the day you arrive in Finland. During the isolation, you will be expected to study remotely. These arrangements apply to all travel outside Finland.

8. Will exams be arranged normally?

Exams will take place on campus according to normal schedules, but exam facilities will be occupied to 50% of their normal seating capacity. 

9. Is the virtual exam space Exam in use?

The Exam space is in use during campus opening hours, but only 50% of its seats are in use.

10. Is the Student Services office open?

Student Services will operate mostly online, but the customer service offices are open on campus. 

11. Are student exchange and international internships allowed?

Based on our national travel guidelines, we do not recommend student exchange with countries to which travel restrictions apply.

Restrictions to border traffic and travel guidelines may change at any time for any country, and therefore, we do not recommend student exchange to any foreign destination. However, if you feel strongly about taking part in student exchange in autumn 2020, we are not currently forbidding it. Taking part in an exchange programme is ultimately the student’s own responsibility.

12. I am currently carrying out my internship/work placement. Am I allowed to complete it?

Follow your internship employer’s updates on the coronavirus situation. Your internship supervisor will surely be able to help you. LAB and LUT do not object to you completing your internship as long as you follow the employer’s instructions and take health issues into consideration. 

13. I was supposed to start my internship/work placement, but the employer cancelled it because of the coronavirus. What should I do?

We need to respect the internship employer’s decision. If possible, the internship may also be postponed or extended. Partial completion through other assignments is also a possibility (in the student’s first internship or work placement).

14. If I feel sick, can I continue my internship?

Do not go to work if you feel sick. Remember to inform your internship employer that you are staying at home because you are sick. 

15. Can I avoid attending classes on campus?

Attendance requirements have mostly been cancelled. However, some teaching events cannot be arranged remotely and require attendance.

16. How can I find out if the teaching arrangements for my course have changed from those in the course description (e.g. contact teaching replaced by distance learning)?

You will find the information in Moodle. Follow the Moodle page of your course – it will provide you with all the information you need. 

17. Are the libraries and other learning facilities open normally? 

Our campuses and libraries are open. Observe the current 50% occupancy restrictions in the facilities.

18. Are campus gyms, fitness classes and other recreational activities available to students?

As our campuses reopen, also recreational activities are possible. However, 50% occupancy applies to all club rooms and sports facilities. 

The person in charge of an activity must inform participants of all safety precautions in place and keep records of participants for contact tracing. If 50% occupancy and safety guidelines are not observed, the recreational facilities will be closed. Those in charge of an activity must inform participants of practices that apply.