Release to LUT and LAB students and staff, 31 July 2020

Release to LUT and LAB students and staff, 31 July 2020


Activity on campus in the autumn


The Finnish government has gradually lifted coronavirus restrictions as the epidemic has taken a turn for the better. Even though the current situation in Finland is rather good, the global situation is troubling. Therefore, we all need to be alert and responsible.


LUT and LAB will open their campuses to students on Monday 17 August.


Before the opening date, supervisors must agree with their team members on flexible working arrangements. Until then, staff members will continue to work following the guidelines issued before the summer vacation period.


To be able to track people who have been exposed to the coronavirus, students and staff members must always use their magnetic access control key when they enter campus buildings.


We can return to our campuses safely if we follow certain guidelines and act responsibly: do not come to the campus if you feel even slightly sick, maintain a safe distance to other people, wash your hands frequently, and cough into your elbow.


We will continue to clean our facilities more efficiently (e.g. lobbies, toilets, restaurants and cafés).


We will continue to monitor the outbreak situation, and we are ready to change our course of action quickly if needed.


If you suspect that you have contracted the coronavirus, contact health care professionals: https://intranet.lut.fi/Lists/Ilmoitukset/DispForm.aspx?ID=3399


When you move around the campus, remember to keep a safe distance to other people in the hallways, lobbies, breakrooms and other shared spaces.



Studies on campus


New students will start their studies on campus with an orientation.


As a rule, teaching and exam spaces will be utilised to 50-70% capacity.


We will aim to provide safe contact teaching especially on courses where contact teaching is necessary. Therefore, most mass lectures will be arranged online if possible.


Other courses will apply multimodal and hybrid teaching that combines contact teaching and distance learning. Details on course arrangements will be available in Moodle by Monday 17 August. Information on recreational activities and services will also be available by 17 August.


Student exchange at LUT and LAB will be carried out in accordance with guidelines of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and host universities.


International degree students with a valid residence permit are welcome to study on campus. They must follow the guidelines and possible quarantine restrictions of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. At the moment, it seems that we will have less international mobility in autumn 2020 than normally.


Campus services will be available to students and staff as of 17 August. Plastic face shields will be available to staff members in customer service work (e.g. helpdesk, library, student services).


Surgical respirator masks are recommended for staff members and students in situations where maintaining a safe distance is impossible. The teaching staff will receive information on the availability of such respirators.


The libraries will open on Monday 17 August. More information on the safe use of library services will be issued separately.


Notifications of public events on campus must be made at least two weeks before the event. This applies to events with external participants, including public examinations of dissertations. Safety must be taken into consideration already when planning the event. We will provide more instructions on this matter by 17 August. If you are planning an event for the month of August, please contact Mika Sipi (mika.sipi@lut.fi). Internal events that are part of everyday life on campus (e.g. course seminars) do not require advance notice.


LUT Buffet and Street Café will open on 3 August 2020. Opening hours and lunch menus will be posted on the Kampusravintolat web site.

Parking on the eParking lots in Skinnarila and on Mukkulankatu will continue to be free of charge until the end of August.



Work of employees on campus


The recommendation to work from home will be lifted as of 1 August.


Experiences of remote work in our organisation have been excellent. On the other hand, interaction, learning and innovation may be challenging in continuous remote work. We also need to meet people face to face, and some jobs require the employee's presence on campus. Consequently, we will apply the following flexible approaches to work until the end of 2020:


The directors of each administrative unit (or the immediate supervisors they delegate the matter to) will agree on duties and goals with each employee, determining when their presence on campus is required.


Supervisors and employees must agree on working practices for the autumn by 17 August. Until then, employees will follow the guidelines issued before summer vacation. All in-house meetings in autumn 2020 may also be attended remotely, and meetings must be arranged in spaces where people can maintain a safe distance. Meeting rooms can be booked for up to 50% of their seating capacity.


Supervisors may request employees to work on campus for important reasons. High-risk employees should contact occupational health care for a physician's statement regarding work on campus.


To ensure a safe work environment, we will continue to monitor the weekly utilisation rates of laboratories and open-plan offices. Deans or faculty directors are responsible for monitoring laboratory activities.


In open-plan offices, every employee will be assigned a permanent desk, and the daily utilisation rate may be no more than 50% of the capacity. The supervisors of each office space must agree with their employees on how to maintain the 50% utilisation rate (e.g. weekly rotations or other systems).


If you are planning to invite outside visitors to the campus, you will be responsible for ensuring that the visit is safe for your guests and everyone on campus. Remember to keep a log of the names and contact details of all visitors to enable contact tracing.


Work-related foreign travel and work abroad must be authorised by the dean or faculty director. Only make refundable bookings through our contract travel agency. Remember to observe the travel and quarantine guidelines of Finland and the target country.


Work-related travel in Finland must be authorised by your immediate supervisor in keeping with national safety and hygiene guidelines. Mobility between campuses requires no separate authorisation.