Release, internal, 3 June 2020 | Indoor air quality inspection on Lahti campus

Release, internal, 3 June 2020 | LUT and LAB staff and students

The indoor air quality inspection on the Lahti campus of the LAB University of Applied Sciences has started as planned. 

The property owner agreed with Ramboll on the preparation of an inspection plan, and the work has started with a review of construction documents. The plan will be based on this background material and will be handled by the indoor air quality group on 25 June.

The auditorium will be inspected separately, and the related work will start before the inspection plan is finalised. 

On the Mukkulankatu campus, the space A152, which was temporarily closed, is now in use again, as the most recent measurements showed no irregularities. The other facilities under review (auditorium, A126, A141, D267) will remain closed for now.

Investigations and repairs of the ventilation system will continue in connection with regular maintenance and repair over the summer.

More information:

Mika Sipi, Director, Learning and Facility Services | mika.sipi@lut.fi, 040 506 0910