Activity on the campuses starting 14 May - Release to LUT and LAB students, 8 May 2020

Release 8 May 2020

Release to LUT and LAB students, 8 May 2020 

Activity on the campuses starting 14 May

The full closure of higher education institutions issued by the Regional State Administrative Agencies will end on 13 May. However, LUT’s and LAB’s campus buildings will remain closed to students until 31 July. In addition, remote work is also recommended to staff members until 31 July. Never come to the campus if you feel sick or have respiratory infection symptoms. 

Activities on the LUT and LAB campuses will focus on two aspects: 1) making the environment safe to work in and maintaining sufficient social distance, and 2) keeping track of who comes to the campus in order to help contact tracing if infections or exposures occur on campus.

We will comply with the Finnish government’s restrictions on public gatherings:

Until 31 May, no more than 10 people may be in the same space at the same time. As of 1 June until further notice, up to 50 people may be allowed in the same space.

We will continue our current practice of authorising students access to the campus as necessary. The vice rector or vice president for education may authorise individual students or small student groups access to campus buildings for reasons related to their studies or graduation. We are exploring possibilities to open individual computer classrooms to students as of 1 June.

The library will start lending books as of 14 May. Students may reserve books online and collect them at an agreed time on campus. More information is available on the library web page: https://www.lut.fi/uutiset/-/asset_publisher/h33vOeufOQWn/content/rajoitettu-lainaus-ja-palautus-lut-tiedekirjastossa-14-5-%E2%80%93-18-6-2020 

The campus restaurants will remain closed until 31 May in accordance with the Finnish government’s decision. We will comply with orders issued by authorities and explore other possibilities to arrange lunch services.


The campus gyms and exercise facilities will remain closed until 31 July.