LUT students “Hack the Crisis Finland” experience

LUT students attended “Hack the Crisis Finland” hackathon: Fast team and digitally co-created solution in 48h from #homeofthecurious

Active companies, startups and tech communities, supported by the Finnish government, organized last weekend (March 20-22) an online 48-h-national hackathon, Hack the Crisis Finland (https://www.hackthecrisisfinland.com/). The purpose of the event was to develop solutions to fight the corona pandemic in three challenge categories: “Save Businesses”, “Save Lives” and “Save Communities”.

The challenge eventually involved over 1 500 people in over 200 teams. Among the attendees was also a group of LUT students: Kateryna Kryzhanivska, Maija Luukka, Marko Buuri, Amira Achek, Mikko Pajula and Olga Zhdanova.

Kateryna Kryzhanivska describes the team’s work during the weekend:
“Our team’s name was “FINKIT”, meaning First Aid Kit to Save the Businesses. In the hackathon, we developed a solution, which in our view should help SMEs, freelancers and persons working under light entrepreneurship model from Ukko.fi, etc. to survive the COVID crisis and to save jobs. We believe that our solution is able to make a 3D-impact, meaning a 3-dimensional impact, which can later be tested by other countries.”

“The three impact targets we aim to achieve are business-to-business, business-to-consumer and local community. Our solution in business-to-businessaspect will create sustainable revenue streams in a new way of customer retention. FINKIT idea in the business-to-consumer target group will give peopleinspirational activities without leaving home and last but not least a viable ecosystem for the local community.”

Links to FINKIT team’s prototyped solution and presentation:

“Even though we did not hit to the top-5 winners, we all are proud of the team work and co-created solution. It would not have been possible without mentors available to us within the hackathon, and also LUT professors, researchers and teachers deserve huge thanks. Post doc Researcher Ekaterina Albats, Professor Kirsimarja Blomqvist, Post doc Researchers Tommi Rissanen and Viktoria Palacin, PhD student Pia Adibe as well as TU Braunschweig Post doc Researcher Dominik Siemon were all available for Q&A in a short chat on Whatsapp and Facebook during the weekend, when our team needed a brief feedback, especially to validate and test the solution.”

Stronger together and from #homeofthecurious we encourage everyone to stay motivated and co-create solutions that matter for now and our future!