New name, the same friendly library!

Lappeenranta Academic Library is LUT Academic Library from the beginning of September. Skinnarila Campus Library in Lappeenranta serves customers the same friendly way as before. If you study or work in Lahti, Mukkulankatu Industria library and Niemenkatu Scientia library are the places to find.

You can still borrow items using your old library card. When needed, new customers will get a library card for borrowing. Please, notice that if you want to use your library card in Lappeenranta and in Lahti, you have to activate it in both campus libraries separately.

LUT Academic Library helps LAMK, LUT and Saimia students and staff both in Lahti and in Lappeenranta. You can search collections at your own university’s Finna search services:

LUT Finna (https://wilma.finna.fi/lut/?lng=en-gb)
Saimia Finna (https://wilma.finna.fi/saimia/?lng=en-gb)
Masto-Finna (https://masto.finna.fi/?lng=en-gb)