Apply to become an international tutor - summer selection

We are looking for few more international tutors for next fall, so if you would like to became a tutor again fill out the application here.

Please tell your friends, who have tutored before, about the possibility to became a tutor, so that hopefully we will get enough tutors for next fall.

Here are some reasons why to apply:


  • Good experience of leading a group
  • Get to know new students from the beginning
  • New friends and new networks
  • Financial reward (tutoring payment 50 € per tutor + 43 € per student in the group)
  • Certificate of tutoring job

Especially international tutoring:

  • If you are applying for student exchange; you will get a bonus from being an international tutor
  • A good way to practice language skills (not only English)
  • If you are planning to go abroad for student exchange; students from the school/country you are interested in are the best experts
  • If you have been abroad as an exchange student; there might be students coming from the same school/country


If you have any questions regardin tutoring, please contact tutoring secretary via email (tuutorointisihteeri@lut.fi)