City of Lahti’s summer job coupons for LUT students

City of Lahti has reserved summer job coupons to further LUT students' summer employment. With the coupon students can get employed in the Lahti area and the coupon will offer the employer a financial benefit of 300€.

More specific termS for the summer job coupon:
• Only one coupon per person. Coupon is personal, and it can't be forwarded.
• Employment period has to be between May 2 and August 30 (holiday season)
• Minimum of working days is 10 and minimum of working hours is 60 of which the employee must be paid according to the collective agreement or if there is no collective agreement the gross payment must be at least 360€. If the employment is longer, the hourly wage must be at least the same (6€ per hour). In addition, the employer pays the normal employer's contributions.
• City of Lahti pays the employer 300€ for summer employment against a summer job coupon and an invoice (VAT 0%)
• The job must be in Lahti
• The same employer can only employ five summer employees with the summer coupon benefit
• The employer must send the invoice with pay slip and a receipt for the paid wage to the city of Lahti September 10 at the latest. Invoices that are received after this deadline are not taken into account.

Summer job coupons can be collected from the city of Lahti's employment services office which is located at Lahti's cityhall (Harjukatu 31, 15100 Lahti). The collection deadline for the coupons is May 31 at 12.00. Collection date should be prescheduled. Take your personal id and student card with you.

More information: Jasmina Lebnaoui, 044 716 1919 tai jasmina.lebnaoui@lahti.fi