Free English-medium course on critical thinking skills at the local summer university


Free English-medium course on critical thinking skills

Dear LUT international students,

Our local International Baccalaureate high school philosophy teacher Liina Luukkonen will be hosting a free English-medium course on critical thinking at the local summer university. The course is titled “Thinking skills in a world full of information” and aims to help participants identify the characteristics of reliable knowledge in different forums of society (media, politics, arts, science etc.). The course is based on the Theory of Knowledge course of the International Baccalaurate, but tailored to an adult audience. The method of teaching is based on case studies and conversation. The course runs on four consecutive Thursday evenings in April, and is naturally online.

The course would complement the academic critical thinking skills you learn and use in your daily studies and work by extending these skills to the wider context of society and how it is that we think and act responsibly as citizens.

 You can find a course description at Etelä-Karjalan kesäyliopisto. On this page, please choose the course “Ajattelun taidot informaatiotulvassa” and you’ll find the English description below the Finnish one. The sign-up period for the course had now ended, but please get in touch with Liina (liina.luukkonen@edu.lappeenranta.fi) directly for more information and to sign up if you are interested.

 We would be thrilled to have some international, knowledge-interested university students like yourselves on the course!