Late-enrolment to courses

Late-enrolment to courses is free of charge and requires the following. Please note that It's not possible to re-enroll to already completed course!

  • Permission to join the course from the course professor
  • Adding the course to primary study plan
  • Change the course version to the newest
  • Send an email with the following details to opinto@lut.fi:
    • Your student number and name
    • Coursecode and name
    • Completion method if the course has multiple
    • Confirmation that you have the professors permission to join the course


Quick guide how to add the course to your primary study plan: Go to your Primary study plan: Structure of studies. Click on the left side of the window ‘Add to the plan'. Select the course you need to add to the plan (1). Select an appropriate place for the course in your plan (2) . Confirm the selection (3).

Quick guide to change the version to the newest: To change the course version via the course brochure, click on the version (1), select the version (2) and activate the selected version by clicking on the notification bar at the top (3).

After that select completion method.