​LUT Universities' printing system changed on June 1st, 2021

From Tuesday, June 1st, send your files to the print queue ("printer") called Secure Print
Canon has been selected as the new supplier to the printing system of LUT Universities. The old Ricoh and Toshiba network printers will be in use until May 31st, 2021, after which they will go out of service. The new Canon equipment will be available from June 1st, 2021. If a new device has not been installed in place of one of the old printers yet 1.6., then the old device can be used as long until the installation of the new device is completed.

The new LUT Universities' online printing system is similar to the existing LUT and LAB printing systems. In a network printing system, files to be printed are not sent directly to a particular printer but are sent to the printer server in a print queue, then they can be printed on the printer you want.

The new print queue was added to LUT Universities' Windows PCs on May 31, 2021.


Who does the change apply to?
The change applies to all LAB and LUT students and staff at the Lappeenranta and Lahti campuses, as well as the Mikkeli regional unit. The change does not apply the Kouvola regional unit.


Login to a printer
Use your LUT account to log in (only username works, email address cannot be used as a login name) or add your magnetic key or any card with a chip to the printing system (can be added at the first time when you log n) and log in with that.


Printing queue Secure Print
Send your files to the print queue ("printer") called Secure Print (\\rps.win.lut.fi\SecurePrint). The files will wait for at the server 72 hours that you will print them out.


Mobile printing
Send files to print@lut.f and print them from any printer. Only LUT and LAB email addresses work.


The print quota for students
The quotas from the old system will be moved to the new system. Quota can be checked at https://uniflow.lut.fi/mom


Printing prices for students at LUT Universities from June 1st, 2021
1 sided black & white 0,04 €
2 sided back & white 0,08 €
1 sided colour 0,08 €
2 sided colour 0,16 €

Prices include tax 24 %. A4 and A3 papers have the same price.


Buying print quota
For the time being, the quota can be bought only this way: Buy quota at LUTShop (https://lutshop.lut.fi/), send your receipt to the Student IT Support Services (studenthelpdesk@lut.fi) and ask that the quota will be added to your LUT account.


Additional information and instructions will be updated to LUT's Intra. Later in the summer, Uni's print page will also be updated.