Moodle is comprehensive learning platform Moodle is comprehensive learning platform

Moodle is an interactive learning environment for LUT and is used in many courses to support teaching. For example, course materials, videos and assignments are prepared through Moodle. Through Moodle teacher can organize exams, students can return assignments and teachers can give feedback for students. 

Link to Moodle. Login within your LUT username and password.

When you register for a course in SISU, you will be automatically added to the Moodle course platform when your course registration has been confirmed. In Moodle course is shown for two years, and the previous one is hidden, course is shown total of three years. Older courses removed from Moodle. Be sure to take care of any necessary course materials or assignments before course removed.

Doctoral student: when you registration for a course in SISU, login Moodle using your LUT student account! Course is automatically added for your student account, not for staff account.

Why should you use Moodle? Why should you use Moodle?

  • Teacher can share course materials for you via Moodle.
  • You can return essays and assignments through Moodle.
  • You will get feedback from your teacher about assignments and learning process.
  • You will give and get feedback for other students IF this activity is used in your course.
  • You can do tests and exams.
  • You can use course materials when you aren't in campus or lessons aren't running.
  • Through Moodle you can pass whole course if it is digital-course.

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If you have problems with login (account) please contact course teacher or Student Helpdesk (