Meet a Local Family Meet a Local Family

PLEASE NOTE: Programme is postponed and working only in concise mode from late 2021 to summer 2022 because of COVID-19 situation.  

The programme brings together international students with Finnish students or local South Karelian families. The aim is to help foreign students to learn more about the Finnish culture and everyday life. In return, international students give the host families a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Meet a Local Family Programme is voluntary, which means that host families and international students decide themselves how often they meet and what they do together. You may meet once a month or even every week. You may for example cook together, go swimming, skiing or to see a basketball game – it is entirely up to you and the family.

International degree and exchange students coming to LUT University or to LAB University of Applied Sciences for the autumn semester / academic year have a chance to participate in the Meet a Local Family Programme. The application period is once a year, each autumn in August/September. Fill in the application form and return it online. Application form can be found herePlease note, that the programme is postponed and working only in concise mode from late 2021 to summer 2022 because of COVID-19 situation.

The programme is coordinated by LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences and conducted in cooperation with Finnish Student Health Services (FSHS/YTHS) and Campus Chaplains of the Lappeenranta Evangelical Lutheran parishes.

For more information, please contact LUT Tanja Karppinen or LAB X (TBA soon).

Meet a Local Family Guidelines Meet a Local Family Guidelines

1.The Meet a Local Family programme aims to promote internationalization and knowledge of new cultures among both students and local families.

2.The Meet a Local Family programme is voluntary, and the students and families themselves decide how and when they meet.

3.  The host family and student are introduced to each other: they will be given each other's contact information and the first meeting is arranged by the coordinators in the beginning of autumn. From there on, the families and students get together at their convenience.

4.The universities and tutors help they international students with practical arrangements and everyday matters. The family is not responsible for guiding the student in such matters, but may help if they want.

5.The family has no financial obligations towards the student; studies, accommodation and recreational activities are paid by the student him- or herself.

6.The family may not use the student as workforce (e.g. as a babysitter) unless both parties consent to the arrangement and conclude a written agreement.

7.The well-being, safety and cultural differences of both parties must always be taken into consideration.

8.The students must have extensive personal insurance when they arrive in Finland. Therefore, the family is not liable to pay compensation if something happens to the student while taking part in the meet a Local Family programme.

9.  If problems or questions arise, the family and student should turn to LUT-University or Saimaa University of Applied Sciences.

10.Feedback is collected from the families and students. This will help develop and improve the programme.